Omniglot News 2019

29th December

New numbers pages: Cheyenne and Kalmyk

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Inclusion & Exclusion, Mulling Mills

22nd December

New language: Kanakanavu

New numbers pages: Äynu, Bashkir, Chuvash, Puyuma

New Tower of Babel translation: Mnong

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Gardens and Castles

Improved page: Luri

15th December

New languages: Aari and Seto

New numbers pages: Paresi, Tabassaran and Tamazight

New colours page: Danish

New podcast: I don't trust that pig!

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Welsh in Germania, Outlaws and Brigands

8th December

New language: Iñapari

New adapted script: Chahta' Ogham

New phrases page: Tabassaran

New numbers pages: Kaqchikel, Lak and Tabassaran

New Tower of Babel translations: Ingush, Kongo, Nzema and Tabassaran

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Procrastination, Random Flowing Slumps

1st December

New languages: Emae, Futuna-Aniwa and Puyuma

New numbers pages: Shilha and Turkmen

New Tower of Babel translation: Archaic/Old Latin

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Where Three Roads Meet, Atchoo!

New article: Teaching Russian With Songs

24th November

New writing system: Dhurwa

New languages: Paresi and Terêna

New numbers page: Hill Mari

New family words page: Western Armenian

New colours page: Swedish

New weather page: Swedish

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Knives and Cutlasses, Languages on Omniglot

17th November

New constructed / adapted scripts: Judulertak, Machiotlahtololoztli

New numbers pages: Dargwa, Meadow Mari and Woods Cree

New family words page: Maltese

New podcast: Episode 26 – The Man Who Made Birch Bark Talk

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Buoys & Oxen, Cheese, Juice & Porridge

Improved pages: Mari and Ojibwe

10th November

New languages: Digo, Knaanic and Mozarabic

New constructed scripts: Bharati and Women's script

New phrases page: Mozarabic

New numbers pages: Kazakh, Kyrgyz

New blog posts: Language quiz, Hopes and Dreams, Trolling Carols

3rd November

New languages: Curripaco, Koho and Kuy

New adapated scripts: Benglic and Sīrilika

New phrases page: Pennsylvania German / Dutch

New numbers pages: Abellen, Kuy and Pennsylvania German / Dutch

New blog posts: Language quiz, Fields and Warriors, Little Hillock of Glory

27th October

New language: Sahaptin

New constructed / adapated scripts: Ebbiu, Lucarian, Indian-abakada

New numbers pages: Marathi and Zuni

New family words pages: Armenian (Eastern) and Proto-Indo-European

New blog posts: Language quiz, Registering the Matrix, Ignorance and Sleep

New article: How You Can Speed up Your Language Learning with the Internet

20th October

New languages: Dhuwal, Nez Perce, Pintupi

New constructed script: Noot-Nagari

New family words pages: Hawaiian, Māori

New numbers page: Erzya

New blog posts: Language quiz, Gibberish, Elephants & Camels

New podcast: Episode 25 - Fishing for Words

13th October

New languages: Garawa, Jakaltek, (Tai) Khün, Tai Ya

New adapted script: Thai-Abakada

New family words pages: English, Indonesian and Scots

New article: The Beauty of the Hungarian Language

New blog posts: Language quiz, Do you tartle?, Grab it and run!

6th October

New languages: Gija, Lele, Miriwoong, Sheko

New adapted script: Haruf-e-Tana

New numbers page: Hupa

New podcast: Episode 24 – Volapük

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Standard Writing for Inuit, When is a gate not a gate?, Bilingual Kids

29th September

New languages: Alyawarr, Iraqw, Kisi, Tumak, Uduk

New numbers pages: Sindhi and Tigrinya

New blog posts: Language quiz, Two Left Feet / Dwy Droed Chwith, Aprosdoketons & Malaphors

Improved pages: Lezgi, Tigrinya, Volapük

22nd September

New languages: Miya, Ngizim, Polci

New constructed script: Scotian

New numbers pages: Anutan, Hungarian, Khanty, Mansi, Samoan, Tahitian

New article: Language Learning Is A Numbers Game

New blog posts: Language quiz, Stronger unpacked felicity, Goats and Cabbages, I'll be with you in a jiffy

15th September

New languages: Bade, Mwaghavul, Proto-Indo-European

New numbers page: Proto-Indo-European

New podcast: Episode 23 – Czech (čeština)

New blog posts: Language quiz, Tender fondness, Do you latibulate?

8th September

New languages: Jarawa, Onge, Wukchumni

New constructed script: Choyuck

New adapted script: Lezgurji

New phrases page: Lezgi

New numbers pages: Tatar, Wukchumni

New terms of endearment page: Russian

New weather words page: Dutch

New blog posts: Language quiz, Dilemmas and Trilemmas, Soft mitigation

New article: Translation Differences Across Europe

Improved page: Lezgi

1st September

New languages: Guere, Hamer(-Banna), Jabo

New colours pages: Czech, Russian

New blog posts: Language quiz, Cats and Porridge, Language Learning Update

New podcast: Episode 22 – Numbers

New post on Celtiadur: Yew (trees)

25th August

New languages: Liq’wala and Patwin

New constructed script: Deccan Lipi

New adapted script: Nie Sreft / Ни шрефт

New family words page: Volapük

New time pages: Esperanto, Latin, Volapük

New numbers page: Latin

New blog posts: Language quiz, Dog-eared and Badgered, Dog Weather

18th August

New language: Kunjen

New numbers page: Baluchi

New blog post: Language quiz, Òrain Ghàidhlig

11th August

New writing system: Nwagụ Aneke

New languages: Kumeyaay and Tiipai

New adapted script: Kirill-guel

New numbers page: Avar

New podcast: Episode 21 - Benefits of learning small languages

New blog posts: Language quiz, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Sticky Cat-fish, Winging It

Improved pages: Igbo, Khmer, Swazi phrases

4th August

New languages: Goemai, Tangale

New constructed scripts: Hoelāı, Slavic Script

New adapated scripts: Akson Kao-li, Third-round Simplified Chinese, Tengwar for Vietnamese

New article: Accents and dialects: A thorny issue for translators

Improved pages: Korean numbers, Urdu language

New blog posts: Language quiz, Logainmneacha, Between Four Eyes

28th July

New blog posts: Language quiz, Slán abhaile, Gleann Cholm Cille

21st July

New languages: Ghomara, Shawiya

New constructed script: Manjikana

New animal sounds page: Cows

New podcast: Episode 20 - Language Families

New blog post: Lagom är bäst

14th July

New pages: Alchemical symbols, Yi Jing Hexagrams

New languages: Ghadamès, Riffian, Shilha (Tashelhit), Zenaga, Zuwara Berber

New animal sounds page: Owls

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Scrupulous Scruples, Out of a clear blue left field

7th July

New languages: Fuyu Kyrgyz, Northern Khmer, Palaung

New constructed script: West Eurolex

New numbers page: Tsez

New section: Animal sounds

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Winning One’s Steak, Would you like a zarf with that?

Improved page: Tsez

30th June

New languages: Paite, Ubang

New constructed script: Allamej

New adapted scripts: Neo-Gothic, Neobrahmi

New numbers page: Ossetian

New terms of endearment page: Polish

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Matutolypea, Polyglot Cruise

New podcast: Episode 19 - Pidgins and Creoles

Improved page: Ndyuka

23rd June

New writing system: Pau Cin Hau

New languages: Kom, Tedim

New constructed and adapted scripts: Għasel, Georgian Esperanto, Devadeshi, Osmari, Karturilitsa

New numbers page: Dari

New article: Differences between European Spanish and South American Spanish

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Up North & Out West, Do you scurryfunge?

16th June

New languages: Cipu and Vadi

New adapated and constructed scripts: Grekoiberieraren Alfabeto Berria, Koleg, Quechuan Ogham, Yūdu lipi

New phrases page: Kikuyu

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Spread, Oxbows and Fossils

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Episode 18 – Adventures in Polyglotland

9th June

New language: South Bolivian Quechua

New constructed and adapted scripts: Hawai’i Kākau, Iwerzoneg Skritur, Kandazá, Pikchukunap Qillqa, Xinhua

New numbers page: Sicilian

New article: Discover the Delights of a Pet Sitting, Polyglot Adventure

New blog posts: Language quiz, Time is pouring, Treading in Spinach

2nd June

New numbers page: Armenian

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Polyglotting, Bratislava

26th May

New languages: Cabécar, Kissi and Teribe

New numbers pages: Greenlandic, Iñupiaq, Inuktitut

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Gender Matters, Voynich manuscript deciphered?

19th May

New languages: Guugu Yimithirr, Kuuk Thaayorre, Martu Wangka

New constructed script: Nitalha

New numbers page: Ingush

Improved page: Wiradjuri

New podcast: Slang

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Shipping, le mystère Champollion à Plougastel-Daoulas

12th May

New languages: Bininj Kunwok, Maung and Wambaya

New constructed / adapted scripts: Coillic, Langerian

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Patois, Blesk a hrom

Improved pages: Erzya, Even, Jaminjung, Jingulu

5th May

New languages: Northwest Maidu / Konkow, Macushi, Pilagá and Tehuelche

New podcast: Grammar

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Ungrammaticality, Instrumental Idioms

Improved pages: Andi, Godoberi, Ingush, Kalmyk

28th April

New languages: Tlapanec and Yonaguni

New articles:

New blog posts: Language Quiz, The British Library, Making Your Mark

Improved pages: Carrier, Estonian and Finnish

21st April

New languages: Lacandon and Mwani

New constructed script: Wébaxu Ní

New numbers pages: Arbëresh, Jaqaru, Mwani

New Tower of Babel translations: Maale, Rukai, Susu

New article: The Role of Legal Translations in the Digital Era

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Thatched Stegosauruses! Mixing Languages

New song: Echoes on the Tongue

14th April

New language: Akatek

New adapted script: Ajalaptlajkuilolistli

New numbers pages: Taita

New Tower of Babel translations: Bawm, Berom and Mixifore

New article: Learn Spanish - four vital strategies to be successful

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Wise Clocks, Cheeky faces

New podcast: Esperanto

7th April

New language: Keres

New constructed script: Saanjo

New adapted script: Punjabi Alphabet

New numbers pages: Ona and Tehuelche

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Det knallar!, Asterix and the King

New articles:

31st March

New languages: Musey and Ona

New adapted scripts: Aynu Apcat and Cornogham

New numbers page: Ainu

New article: Why is inventing global languages doomed to fail? Globalization and the Esperanto lesson

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Blue Ants and Pencils, Depth v Breadth

24th March

New languages: Jebero, Secoya, Sedang

New numbers page: Jebero

New podcast: Alphabets and Writing Systems

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Context Matters, Heys and Hedges

17th March

New languages: Achagua, Chamicuro, Piapoco and Tsafikí

New adapted script: Unified Sámi Orthography

New article: Best Tools to Use for a Professional Translation Project

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Flying Serpents, Deer and Kites, Calling and Kindling

Improved pages: Armenian phrases, Marathi phrases, Toki Pona phrases

10th March

New language: Malecite-Passamaquoddy

New constructed script: Frivetizian

New adapted script: Yahudi Türkçesi

New numbers page: Malecite-Passamaquoddy

New article: Careers that Enable You to Learn New Languages

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Books, books, books, Blah blah English blah blah

Improved pages: Choctaw language, Somali phrases

3rd March

New languages: Okanagan, Shuswap, Tahltan and Thompson

New adapted script: Graeca

New numbers page: Abkhaz

New article: Spanish Fluency In Just Six Weeks

New blog post: Language Quiz, Ties, Coasters and Curtains

New podcast: The Story of Omniglot

Improved page: Abkhaz

24th February

New languages: Awa Pit, Kaska, Lillooet, Maricopa

New constructed script: Phorcydian

New family words page: Greek

New articles: 5 Simple Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed To Help You
7 Simple Rules for Being a Great ESL Teacher

New blog posts: Language Quiz, A plethora of pronouns, A Slew of Servants

17th February

New languages: Ipai, Kutenai, Quechan and Upper Kuskokwim

New adapted scripts: Arabikkhara, Tâi-im-jī

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Cards, Charts and Papyrus, A Way to Watch

Improved page: Saanich

10th Feburary

New languages: Kiliwa and Paipai

New constructed script: Undine

New adapted script: Kiriru

New numbers page: Yuchi / Euchee

New page: Language and Writing Statistics

New podcast: Cornish (Kernewek)

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Rare Letters, Put on your tuque

Improved pages: Shughni, Tsonga, Tsuut'ina (Sarcee), Turoyo

3rd February

New language: Lipo

New adapted script: Slovenian Cyrillic

New Tower of Babel translations: Hadiyya, Kambaata, Lipo

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Selective Understanding, A Review of Mondly

Improved pages: Gagauz, Kazakh

27th January

New languages: Bribri, Cumbric, Mojave and Ngaanyatjarra

New constructed scripts: Dīzīyutīć, Pī‘āpā Hou and Tjapingarriwangka

New Tower of Babel translation: Cumbraek (Cumbric)

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Danish rooms, Knufflige Knuffelbeests

Improved page: Madurese

20th January

New languages: Kavalan and Pazeh

New phrases page: Fula

New numbers pages: Kavalan, Pazeh and Saaroa

New time page: Scots

New article: Great movies and TV shows to help you learn new languages

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Bamboozling Baboons!, Thrapple & Wabbit

13th January

New languages: Lower Tanana and Mokilese

New adapted script: American Hangul

New numbers pages: Monégasque, Naxi and Nukuoro

New Radio Omniglot podcast: Fewer than Less

New blog posts: Language Quiz, When is a buffalo not a buffalo?, Disappearing Languages

New article: Languages Are Dying Rapidly; Thousands Are Expected to Extinct in This Century

Improved page: Mauritian Creole phrases

6th January 2019

New languages: Bantoanon, Nukuoro and Vaeakau-Taumako

New numbers pages: Atayal, Chuukese, Bantoanon

New Tower of Babel translation: Bantoanon

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Little by little and Polyglot Plans

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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