Tjapingarriwangka Tjapingarriwangka

The Tjapingarriwangka script was devised by Robert Hancock as a way to write Ngaanyatjarra, a Pama-Nyungan language spoken mainly in Western Australia. The name Tjapingarriwangka means "message stick speech" in Ngaanyatjarra.

Notable features

Tjapingarriwangka script

Tjapingarriwangka scirpt

Sample text

Sample text in Tjapingarriwangka


Watilu kurringka watjarru kulkultju kutipitjaku tjutipungka katuma mirrkatju pala tjurra wanti. Nyangka minymali mirrka paarnu tjunu wantirru tjarrpangu wiltjangka kankunarringu. Nyangku tjilku katjarralu pitjangu mirrka mantjirnu katingu ngalungu. Nyangka wataa mungangka pitjangku kurrinku.


A man said to his wife "We are going hunting to shoot something and bring it back. Cook some food and keep it aside for me." So the woman cooked the food, set it aside, went into the shade of a tree and went to sleep. Then two children came along and took the food away and ate it. When the man came home at night there was no food for him.

Information about Ngaanyatjarra

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