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This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make every day are too numerous to include here.

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22nd January

New languages: Abidji, Nyabwa and Wobé

New constructed script: Ukaliq

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Inuktitut in the Utaliq alphabet

New adapted script: Nasema (ߣߊߛߍߡߊ)

ߥߊߕߎ ߥߐߕߍ ߥߊߡߍߛ߳ߟߌߥߊ ߤߎߙߎ߸ ߤߊߘ߳ߌ ߣߊ ߤߊߞߌ ߛ߳ߊߐ ߣߌ ߛߊߥߊ߷ ߥߐߕߍ ߥߊߡߍߖߊߟߌߥߊ ߊߞߌߟߌ ߣߊ ߘ߳ߊߡߌߙߌ߸ ߤߌߥ߳ߦߐ ߦߊߔߊߛߊ ߥߊߕߍߣߘߍߊߣߍ ߞߌߣߘߎߜߎ߷ 

New numbers page: Gamilaraay, Sgaw Karen and Waray-Waray

New family words page: Tamil

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Hooks, Kenchiku

New Celtiadur post: Scotland and an improved post: Shirts

New Celtic Pathways podcast: Fields and Quays

New Adventure in Etymology: Chemise

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15th January

New languages: Ayizo, Ogba and Ikwerre

New constructed script: Verbeħen

Sample text in Verbeħen

New adapted script: Maldivian Arabic

آ قَانُونُ ٱلْأَسَاسِيُّڮٔ حِمَايَة لِبِڮٔنْ سِيَاسِي حِزْبُتَاّْ هِنْڮٞنٔ طَرِيقَاة تَه هَمَجٔهِفَي نُڣَانَمَ أ قَانـُونُڮٔه مِثَالَكِي اَلِفَانْ رُاڣَجَّنَمَ سَلاَمَة ڣَانٔ سِڋِاَكُ نٔيْه أتَكٔه بُرِيڮٔ عِمَارَاتُڮٔه مِثَالٔكٔڣٔ.

New numbers page: Jeju, Ikwerre and Nuer

New family words pages: Telugu and Marathi

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Half a Story

New Celtiadur post: Taking Hold

New Celtic Pathways podcast: Swans

New Adventure in Etymology: Obtuse Pronking

Improved pages: Digaro Mishmi language, Digaro Mishmi numbers, Muscogee (Creek-Seminole) phrases

In other news, my learning streak on Duolingo reached 2,000 days this week (2,003 today)! I'm currently studying languages for around 10 hours a week, and am focusing on Japanese, Scottish Gaelic and Spanish.

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8th January

New languages: Burarra, Yankunytjatjara and Limbum

New numbers pages: Maldivian, Venetian and Dagbani

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz, Cave Paintings Deciphered?

New Celtiadur post: Halves and Sides

New Celtic Pathways podcast: New & Year

New Adventure in Etymology: Harbouring Harbingers

Improved pages: Yindjibarndi language and Bassa phrases

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1st January 2023

New language: Cheke Holo

New adapated script: Hokkien Imji

New numbers pages: Kara and Cheke Holo

New Omniglot blog posts: Language Quiz and Seeding Discord

New Adventure in Etymology: Amok and Havoc

Improved Celtiadur pages: Fresh & New and Years

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A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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