Omniglot News 2018

30th December

New languages: Daga, Seediq, Tairoa and Upper Tanana

New numbers page: Seediq

New articles:

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Scripts in use, Christmas

23rd December

New language: Tanacross

New adapted script: Nahuatl Syllabics

New podcast: Languages & Dialects

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Just speirin, Where? Whence? Whither?

New article: Learning Accents: A Useful Guide to Sounding Like a Local

Improved pages: Old Turkic (Orkohn / Yenisei) and Odia / Oriya phrases

16th December

New language: Drung

New adapted script: Sinhala for Malagasy

New family words page: Korean

New phrases in Odia (Oriya)

New time page: Korean

New article: How to Achive Native-Like Fluency in Foreign Languages

New blog posts: Language Quiz, Just keep plugging away, Bibbling bibblers and Crotchets & Quavers

9th December

New languages: Huarijio, Kimbundu and Squamish

New numbers page: Squamish

New terms of endearment page: Manx

New blog posts: Language quiz, 500 days of Duolingo and Can Hens Sing?

New Tower of Babel translation: Classical Armenian

New page: Q International QWERTY Keyboard

New article: The Tex Ritter Effect

Improved page: Sasak

2nd December

New languages: Jalapa Mazatec, Mayo and Pauna

New blog posts: Language quiz, Together instead and Frowning nosey nostrils!

New podcast: Welsh (Cymraeg)

New article: How To Succeed At Teaching P. R. China University Academe – Without Really Trying

25th November

New languages: Apurinã, Taa and Yanesha'

New blog posts: Language quiz, Counting seconds and Furtive ferrets

New article: The Fastest Ways to Learn a New language

Improved page: Efik phrases

18th November

New language: Shuar

New constructed scripts: English Featural Alphabet and Mutya

New terms of endearment page: Cornish

New podcast: Polyglottery

New blog posts: Language quiz, Root bags and Glass eyes

Improved page: Saurashtra

11th November

New language: Nyelâyu

New constructed script: Neetia

New adapted script: Cyrilika

New phrases page: Do you understand?

New numbers page: Kituba

New terms of endearment page: French

New article: How Learning a New Language Improves Tolerance

4th November

New language: Naro

New numbers page: Nyelâyu

New Tower of Babel translation: Chorti

New recordings: Odia phrases

28th October

New language: Gǀui

New numbers page: Satawalese

New adapted script: Greco-Hispano

21st October

New language: Ekoka !Kung

New Podcast: Manx (Gaelg)

New phrases page: Creek

New numbers pages: Pukapukan and Wymysorys

New articles

14th October

New languages: ǂ’Amkoe (ǂHoan), Mangareva, Musi, Pukapukan and Woleaian

New colours page: Romanian

New terms of endearment page: Italian

New weather words pages: Breton and Cornish

New article: Do borrowed words pollute the Russian language?

7th October

New languages: Mano and Vurës

New numbers page: Kinyarwanda

New weather words pages: Italian and Spanish

New colours page: Creek

New articles:

30th September

New episode of the Radio Omniglot Podcast: Accents

New page: Compass directions

New phrases page: American Norwegian

New numbers page: Elfdalian

New weather words pages: French and Irish

New articles

23rd September

New languages: Chatino, Irula, Mele-Fila

New constructed script: Arèìdansk

New adapted script: Katakana Eigo

New phrases page: Batsbi

New numbers pages: Batsbi, Garhwali and Okinawan

New article: 10 Longest Finnish Words

Improved page: Batsbi

16th September

New languages: Garhwali and Yazghulami

New constructed script: Gerbh

New phrases page: Garhwali

New episode of the Radio Omniglot Podcast: Solresol - The Musical Language

9th September

New alphabet: Luo Lakeside Script

New language: Chru

New phrases page: Dholuo

New numbers page: Dholuo

New family words page: Solresol

New constructed script: Ru’chu

New articles:

Improved pages: Malagasy and Solresol

2nd September

New languages: Shipibo and Toqabaqita

New constructed script: Kaalbhuuxa

New phrases page: Solresol

New numbers pages: Scots and Solresol

New articles:

New podcast: The Language of Music

26th August

New language: Hoava

New constructed script: Vargish Runes

New adapted scripts: Hágrít Nyelv and Hungarian Runes for Serbian

New phrases page: Sango

New numbers pages: Quenya and Sango

New terms of endearment page: Kadazandusun

19th August

New constructed scripts: Aeglean, nā hōʻailona ʻōlelo, Thalor, Univar and Vulpic Runescript

New colours pages: Manx

Improved page: Serrano phrases

12th August

New alphabet: Khatt-i-Badí’

New constructed scripts: Lamai and Majok

New adapted script: iŋliʃ fidæl

New colours pages: Breton and Cornish

New podcast: Episode 3 of the Radio Omniglot Podcast (about Irish)

New article: 5 Tips for Everyone who wants to Learn German

5th August

New languages: Chorti, Ludic, Sambal, Southern Tiwa and Taos

New numbers page: Dupaningan

New Tower of Babel translations: Sarangani Blaan and Sarangani Manobo

Improved pages: Javanese and Kodava / Coorgi-Cox

29th July

New languages: Botolan and Dupaningan

New adapted script: Ibria

New article: 5 languages to learn for international business

22nd July

New languages: Abellen, Bontoc and Duri

New constructed scripts: Claviograms and Ma'i'ka'la

New adapted script: Icelandic Runic

New podcast: Episode 2 of Radio Omniglot Podcast (about Scottish Gaelic)

New article: Learning The German Language: Is It Essential?

15th July

New languages: Moronene and Wintu

New constructed script: Serafian

New adapted script: Māori Tāna

New translation: About Simon Ager in Tamil

New article: How To Avoid Bad Payers And Scammers As A Freelance Translator?

8th July

New writing system: Ditema

New languages: Barbareño and Chukchansi

New constructed script: Sauropoda

New adaptated scripts: Čveneburuli / Judeo-Georgian and Runica

New article: The Color of Language: Why You Should Be Proud Of Having an Accent When Speaking Foreign Languages

1st July

New languages: Heiltsuk, Makah, Oowekyala and Tolowa

New adapted script: Pan-Indian Orthographic Alphabet

New numbers pages: North Frisian and West Frisian

New podcast: Radio Omniglot - the first episode of my podcast about language is now online.

24th June

New languages: Ditidaht and Michif

New constructed script: Kākauna

New adapted scripts: Mhedrulica and Lao Māori

New page: Terms of endearment in Danish

17th June

New languages: Huambisa, Kaiwá and Toda

10th June

New alphabet: Mandombe

New language and script: Sui

New constructed scripts: Dhadakha and Living Script

New Tower of Babel translations: Japanese

Improved page: Xhosa

3rd June

New language: Saaroa

New Tower of Babel translations: Romanian (from 1581) and (Old) Ruthenian

New article: 12 Tips for Reading in a Foreign Language

Improved pages: Kashmiri phrases, Manggarainese and sasak

27th May

New languages: Alyutor, Betawi and Palenquero

New phrases page: Do you speak a language other than [your own]?

New numbers page: Chukchi

Improved pages: Itelmen and Koryak

20th May

New languages: Chiquihuitlán Mazatec, Gen, Gonja and Kawaiisu

New numbers pages: Tlingit and Torwali

13th May

New languages: Atong, Kasem, Monguor, Limba, Torwali and Zeelandic

New time page: English

Improved page: Crow

6th May

New languages: Achumawi, Daur, Negidal and Oroqen

New phrases page: Karuk

New numbers page: Manchu

29th April

New languages: Central Pomo, Gawwada, Taíno-Borikenaíki and Washo

New numbers pages: Central Pomo and Lingua Franca Nova

Improved page: Indus/Harappa script

22nd April

New languages: Hidatsa, Mono, Nupe

New numbers pages: Hidatsa and Mandan

New family words page: Estonian

Improved pages: Neapolitan, Slovak, Slovenian, Tetum

15th April

New languages: Ahtna, Dena’ina and Mandan

New adapted scripts: Hunopersian and Tiāojīnjiào zhī wénzì

New phrase page: Congratulations!

New numbers page: Hani

8th April

New language: Qorbuch / Irikad

New constructed scripts: Junnish, Konder, Rën and Zani Vizhdense

New adapted script: Ogham for English

New phrases pages: Qorbuch / Irikad and Serrano

1st April

New languages: Baoulé, Ch’ol, Ivilyuat, Kabiye, Serrano and Tammari

New fictional script: Wakandan

New numbers pages: Hopi and Mongolian

New articles:

Improved pages: Oʼodham and Soyombo

25th March

New languages: Jola-Fonyi and Nzema

New constructed scripts: Qillqashimi and Universal Alphabet

New numbers page: Mi'kmaq

Improved page: Sindarin

18th March

New languages: Aja and Konjo / Konzo

New numbers page: Blackfoot

New family words pages: Laala and Lithuanian

New articles:

Improved pages: Blackfoot and Kwak̓wala

11th March

New languages: Kichwa, Kri, Tojolabal and Yaminawa

New numbers pages: Algonquin, Belarusian and Slovak

Improved pages: Coorgi-Cox / Kodava, Mam and N'Ko

4th March

New languages: Balangao, Pontic Greek and Quapaw

New adapated script: Thaipañol

New numbers pages: Arapaho, Kabardian, Macedonian and Quapaw

New family words page: Navajo and Quapaw

New article: The Cultural and Language Divide: Practical Tips for Starting a Business Overseas

25th February

New language: Tutelo

New constructed scripts: Asali and Laala

New adapted script: Phonemic Pīnyīn

New numbers pages: Afar and Tutelo

New family words pages: Japanese, Vietnamese, Xhosa and Zulu

18th February

New languages: Alutiiq and Komo

New adapted script: Shqiprillic (Cyrillic for Albanian)

New numbers pages: Lojban and Moloko

New article: If You Can't Say A Word

11th February

New alphabets: Carolingian Minuscule, Merovingian, Roman Cursive and Visigothic Script

New language: Muong

New numbers pages: Jedek and Piedmontese

New article: The History and Future of Konkani Language

4th February

New language: Mwotlap

New constructed script: Etronan

New numbers pages: Mauritian Creole, Miskito and Sardinian

Improved pages: Khanty, Lingala, Sora, Sorang Sompeng and Wolof phrases

New article: Tips to learn Italian fast and easy

28th January

New language: Paraujuano

New constructed script: Hookscript

New phrases pages: Adaizan, Bambara and Lingala

New numbers page: Adaizan and Paraujano

New articles:

New recordings: Kinyarwanda phrases and Wolof phrases

21st January

New languages: Bariba, Galoli, Gwere, Nyole, Saint Lucian Creole and Temne

New phrases page: Dzongkha

New numbers pages: Gwere, Nyole and Pawnee

New video: Do you need to learn languages?

14th January

New language and alphabet: Zaghawa

New languages: Bunun, Hani and Paiwan

New numbers pages: Garifuna, Maltese and Wayuu

New idioms in: Greek

New proverbs in: Greek

New tongue twisters in Greek

New article: Cantonese and Mandarin in Hong Kong and Taiwan

7th January 2018

New language: Daza

New phrase pages: Balinese, Chuukese, Nauruan, Pohnpeian and Värmlandic

New numbers pages: Nauruan and Pohnpeian

New time pages: Estonian and Finnish

New article: Balkan languages - same or different?

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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