Chorti (Ch'orti')

Chorti is a Mayan language spoken in parts of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador by about 55,000 people. Chorti is also known as Ch'orti' Maya. Chorti is spoken mainly in Jocotán and Camotán in Chiquimula department in Guatemala, and in neighbouring parts of Honduras.

Chorti is though to be a direct descendent of the Classic Maya language, which was used in the Mayan Script, and knowledge of Chorti helped with the decipherment of the script.

Chorti alphabet and pronunciation

Chorti alphabet and pronunciation

Download alphabet charts for Chorti in PDF or Excel format.

Information about Chorti provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer)

Catata Dios xe' turet tichan, catattz'i ac'ab'a xe' erach. Lar tua' ic'otori tara tor e rum wacchetaca. Y chen lo que ac'ani tara tor e rum b'an cocha war ache tichan tut e q'uin. Ajc'unon lo que uc'ani tua' cac'uxi tama inte' inte' día. C'umpen tacaron tamar camab'amb'anir lo que cay cache toit net, b'an cocha war cac'umpa taca tin e cay uchiob' e mab'amb'anir capater ub'an. Ira awacton tua' capijchna sino que corpeson tama tunor uc'otorer e diablo. Porque net jax Careyet, y net ayan meyra ac'otorer, y net ayan meyra atawarer xe' machi tua' ac'apa. Amén

Sample videos in Chorti

Information about Chorti | Tower of Babel


Information about Chorti'orti'_language

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