Chuj (Koti’)

Chuj is a Qʼanjobalan–Chujean Mayan language spoken mainly in western Guatemala, and also in southern Mexico. There are about 58,600 speakers of Chuj in Guatemala, particularly in the municipalities of San Mateo Ixtatán, San Sebastián Coatán and Nentón in the Huehuetenango department. There are also about 2,890 speakers in Mexico, particularly in Trinitaria municipality in Chiapas state, and in the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo.

Chuj is also known as Chuh, Chuhe, Chuje or Chapai. The native name of the language is Koti’. There are two main dialects: San Mateo Ixtatán Chuj and San Sebastián Coatán Chuj.

Chuj is officially recognised in Guatemala. It is written with the Latin alphabet using an orthography based partly on Spanish. There are some publications in it, including a dictionary, grammar and translations of parts of the Bible.

Chuj alphabet

Chuj alphabet


When a vowel appears at the beginning of a word, it is preceded by a glottal stop [ʔ], unless there is an h in front of it.

Download an alphabet chart for Chuj (Excel)

Hear the Chuj alphabet

Sample text

Nok’ Xankatat yet’ nok’xe’en
Xenhxni xekxni xanhxni hinb’eyi
Xankatak xanhb’ wek’ a stixalu
Xchi nok’ xankat a nok’ xe’en,
Xwila xwabi, xelab’a to ojinwekla,
to jinxekla manhx ojinwekla.


Videos in Chuj

Information about Chuj | Numbers


Information about Chuj

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