Mocho’ (qatô:k)

Mocho’ is a Qʼanjobalan–Mocho’ean Mayan language spoken in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico by about 130 people, mainly in the villages of Tuzatlán and Motozintla de Mendoza in eastern Chiapas near the border with Guatemala. The speakers of Mocho’ are all older adults, and the language is no longer being passed on to children.

Mocho’ is also known as Mocho, Mocho’ Maya or Qatoʼk. There are two dialects of Mocho’: the Tuzantec dialect in Tuzantán, and the Motozintlec dialect in Motozintla de Mendoza.

Mocho’ is rarely written, but there are various ways to write it with the Latin alphabet

Mocho’ alphabet

Mocho’ alphabet


Download an alphabet chart for Mocho’ (Excel)

Sample text

Naba kiwalatawet juune' bwelta
Ji'a chrt pero mu chila.
Ja'e xchet mu jani cheet jum.
Yan'an ju'l pero mu ji'a choq
Ti' bowital ni kawitsa ke jani

Translation (Spanish)

¡A que no adivinas, niño!
Si vas a cortar leña,
un cochino muy flojo,
te buscará en el camino.
El avispero.


Translation (English)

Don't you guess, kid!
If you are going to cut firewood,
a very lazy pig,
it will look for you on the way.
The hornet's nest.

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