Sakapultek (Tujaal Tziij)

Sakapultek is a Mayan language spoken in the town of Sacapulas, in the department of El Quiché in central Guatemala. In 2019 there were about 6,530 speakers of Sakapultek, which is also known as Sakapulteko, Sacapulas K’iche’, Sacapulteco or Qač’ab’a:l.

Sakapultek is written with the Latin alphabet with a spelling system based partly on Spanish.

Sakapultek alphabet and pronunciation

Sakapultek alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Sakapultek (Excel)

Corrections provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text

Li tziij Tujaal Sakapulteko jun chix’al li jun wunaq jun chi tziij ya’m riq’iijramal li K’ulb’il Yol Twitz Paxil, ela’ kikoj li wunaq che ek’o pil juyb’al re Tujaal.Pi li ripetik li kaxtilan li tziij qaj richoq’ab’, mal e li kaxtilan, xikoj richoq’ab’ ela’xaq’ansis riq’iij.

Translation (Spanish)

El idioma Sakapulteko es una de los 21 reconocidos por la K’ulb’il Yol TwitzPaxil, Academia de Lenguas Mayas de Guatemala. Es hablado dentro del ámbitogeográfico del departamentos Quiché en el municipio de Sacapulas.

Source: Tujaal Choltziij / Vocabulario Sakapulteko (PDF)

Sample videos in Sakapultek


Information about Sakapultek language

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