Numbers in Chuj

How to count in Chuj (Koti’), a Mayan language spoken in western Guatemala and southern Mexico. The numbers from 1-20 are shown in Chuj of San Mateo Ixtatán and San Sebastián Coatán. They are labeled SMI and SSC where they differ.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 jun b’ab’el
2 chab’ (SMI)
cha’ab’, chab’ (SSC)
3 oxe’ yoxil
4 chanhe’ sxchanhil
5 hoye’ (SMI)
ho’e’ (SSC)
6 wake’ swakil
7 huke’ yukil
8 wajxake’ (SMI)
wajxke (SSC)
9 b’alunhe (SMI)
b’alnhe’ (SSC)
10 lajunhe’ (SMI)
lajnhe’ (SSC)
11 huxluche’ (SMI)
huxlche’ (SSC)
12 lajchawe’ (SMI)
lajchwe’ (SSC)
13 oxlajunhe’ (SMI)
oxlajnhe’ (SSC)
14 chanhlajunhe’ (SMI)
chanhlajnhe’ (SSC)
15 holajunhe’ (SMI)
holajnhe’ (SSC)
16 waklajunhe’ (SMI)
waklajnhe’ (SSC)
17 huklajunhe’ (SMI)
huklajnhe’ (SSC)
18 wakxaklajunhe’ /wajxklajnhe’ (SSC) swakxaklajunhil
19 balunhlajunhe’ (SMI)
b’alnhlajnhe’ (SSC)
20 junk’al (SMI)
21 jun xchawinak sjun xchawinakil
22 chab’ xchawinak sxchab’ xchawinakil
23 oxe xchawinak yoxe xchawinakil
24 chanhe xchawinak
25 ho’e xchawinak
26 wake xchawinak
27 huke xchawinak
28 wajxke xchawinak
29 b’alnhe xchawinak
30 lajnhe’ xchawinak
31 huxluche’ xchawinak
32 lajchawe’ xchawinak
33 oxlajunhe’ xchawinak
34 chanhlajunhe’ xchawinak
35 holajunhe’ xchawinak
36 wajxwklajunhe’ xchawinak
37 huklajunhe’ xchawinak
38 wajxaklajnhe’ xchawinak
39 b’alnulajnhe’ xchawinak sb’alunlajunh xchawinakil
40 chawinak sxchwinakil
50 lajnhe’ yoxwinak
60 oxwinak
70 lajnhe’ xchanhwinak
80 chanwinak
90 lajnhe’ yowinak
100 howinak

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Hear some numbers in Chuj de San Sebastián Coatán:

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