Numbers in Poqomchiʼ

How to count in Poqomchiʼ, a Mayan language spoken in central Guatemala.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 jenaj peet
2 kiʼibʼ rukabʼ
3 ixibʼ, oxibʼ roox
4 kijibʼ, kajebʼ rukaajʼ
5 hoʼoobʼ rooʼ
6 waqiiibʼ ruwaaq
7 wuquubʼ ruwuuq
8 wahxaqiibʼ ruwaxaaq
9 bʼelejeebʼ rubʼeleej
10 lajeebʼ rulaaj
11 junlaj rujunlaaj
12 kabʼlaj rukabʼlaaj
13 oxlaj rooxlaaj
14 kajlaj rukajlaaj
15 hoʼlajuuj ruhoʼlaaj
16 waqlaj ruwaqlaaj
17 wuqlaj ruwuqlaaj
18 wahxaqlaj ruwahxaqlaaj
19 b'elejlaj rubʼelejlaaj
20 juninaq, junkʼahl rujunkʼahl
21 jenaj rukaʼkʼahl peet rukabʼkʼahl
22 kiʼibʼ rukaʼkʼahl rukabʼ rukabʼkʼahl
23 ixibʼ rukaʼkʼahl roox rukabʼkʼahl
24 kijibʼ rukaʼkʼahl rukaaj rukabʼkʼahl
25 hoʼoobʼ rukaʼkʼahl rooʼ rukabʼkʼahl
26 waqiiibʼ rukaʼkʼahl ruwaaq rukabʼkʼahl
27 wuquubʼ rukaʼkʼahl ruwuuq rukabʼkʼahl
28 wahxaqiibʼ rukaʼkʼahl ruwaxaaq rukabʼkʼahl
29 bʼelejeebʼ rukaʼkʼahl rubʼeleej rukabʼkʼahl
30 lajeebʼ rukaʼkʼahl rulaaj rukabʼkʼahl
31 junlaj rujunlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
32 kabʼlaj rukaʼkʼahl rukabʼlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
33 oxlaj rukaʼkʼahl rooxlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
34 kajlaj rukaʼkʼahl rukajlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
35 hoʼlajuuj rukaʼkʼahl ruhoʼlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
36 waqlaj rukaʼkʼahl ruwaqlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
37 wuqlaj rukaʼkʼahl ruwuqlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
38 wahxaqlaj rukaʼkʼahl ruwahxaqlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
39 b'elejla rukaʼkʼahl rubʼelejlaaj rukabʼkʼahl
40 kaʼkʼahl rukabʼkʼahl
50 lajeebʼ roxkʼahal rulaaj roxkʼahl
60 oxkʼahl roxkʼahl
70 lajeebʼ kajkʼahl rulaaj rukajkʼahl
80 kajkʼahl rukajkʼahl
90 lajeebʼ hoʼkʼahl rulaaj roʼkʼahl
100 hoʼkʼahl roʼkʼahl
200 lajkʼahl
300 hoʼlajuuj kʼahl
400 juniqʼo

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