Numbers in Ch’ol

How to count in Ch’ol (Lakty’añ), a Cholan Mayan language spoken in Chiapas in southern Mexico.

Ch’ol numbers change depending on what you are counting. The numbers 1-11 have the following roots: 1 jun, 2 cha’, 3 ux, 4 chän, 5 jo’, 6 wäc, 7 wuc, 8 waxäc, 9 bolon, 10 lujun, and 11 junlujun. Classifiers are added to these roots. For example, junlijc = 1 piece of fabric, cha’lujt = 2 ears of corn, uxp’al = 3 words, chäntyejc = 4 trees, jo’ts’ijt = 5 pens.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 junp’ej ñaxañ
2 cha’p’ej i-cha’p’ej-lel
3 uxp’ej y-uxp’ej-lel
4 chänp’ej i-chämp’ej-lel
5 jo’p’ej
6 wäcp’ej
7 wucp’ej
8 waxäcp’ej
9 bolomp’ej
10 lujump’ej
11 junlujump’ej
12 lajchämp’ej
13 uxlujump’ej
14 chänlujump’ej
15 jo’lujump’ej
16 wäclujump’ej
17 wuclujump’ej
18 waxäclujump’ej
19 bolonlujump’ej
20 junk’al
21 jump’ej i chaäcäal
22 cha’p’ej i chaäcäal
23 uxp’ej i chaäcäal
24 chänp’ej i chaäcäal
25 jo’p’ej i chaäcäal
26 wäcp’ej i chaäcäal
27 wucp’ej i chaäcäal
28 waxäcp’ej i chaäcäal
29 bolomp’ej i chaäcäal
30 lujump’ej i cha’c’al
40 cha’c’al
50 lujump’ej i yuxc’al
60 uxc’al
70 lujump’ej i chänc’al
80 chänc’al
90 lujump’ej i jo’c’al
100 jo’c’al
200 lujunc’al
300 jo’lujunc’al
400 jumbasc’
500 jumbasc’ yic’ot jo’c’al
600 lujunc’al i cha’bajc’
700 jo’lujunc’al i cha’bajc’
800 cha’bajc’
900 jo’c’al i yuxbajc’
1 000 lujunc’al i yuxbajc’
1 200 yuxbajc’
2 000 jo’bajc’
8 000 junpic

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Hear some numbers in Ch’ol:


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