Numbers in Tzeltal

How to count in Tzeltal (Bats’i k’op), a Mayan language spoken in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 jun [hun]
2 cheb [tʃeb]
3 oxeb [oʃeb]
4 chaneb [tʃaneb]
5 joʼeb [hoʔeb]
6 wakeb [wakeb]
7 jukeb [hukeb]
8 waxakeb [waʃakeb]
9 baluneb [baluneb]
10 lajuneb [lahuneb]
11 bulucheb [bulutʃeb]
12 lajchayeb [lahtʃajeb]
13 oxlajuneb [oʃlahuneb]
14 chanlajuneb [tʃanlahuneb]
15 joʼlajuneb [hoʔlahuneb]
16 waklajuneb [waklahuneb]
17 juklajuneb [huklahuneb]
18 waxalajuneb [waʃaklahuneb]
19 balunlajuneb [balunlahuneb]
20 tab [tab]
21 jun xchaʼwinik [hun stʃaʔwinik]
22 cheb xchaʼwinik [tʃeb stʃaʔwinik]
23 oxeb xchaʼwinik [oʃeb stʃaʔwinik]
24 chaneb xchaʼwinik [tʃaneb stʃaʔwinik]
25 joʼeb xchaʼwinik [hoʔeb stʃaʔwinik]
26 wakeb xchaʼwinik [wakeb stʃaʔwinik]
27 jukeb xchaʼwinik [hukeb stʃaʔwinik]
28 waxakeb xchaʼwinik [waʃakeb stʃaʔwinik]
29 baluneb xchaʼwinik [baluneb stʃaʔwinik]
30 lajuneb xchaʼwinik [lahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
31 bulucheb xchaʼwinik [bulutʃeb stʃaʔwinik]
32 lajchayeb xchaʼwinik [lahtʃajeb stʃaʔwinik]
33 oxlajuneb xchaʼwinik [oʃlahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
34 chanlajuneb xchaʼwinik [tʃanlahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
35 joʼlajuneb xchaʼwinik [hoʔlahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
36 waklajuneb xchaʼwinik [waklahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
37 juklajuneb xchaʼwinik [huklahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
38 waxalajuneb xchaʼwinik [waʃaklahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
39 balunlajuneb xchaʼwinik [balunlahuneb stʃaʔwinik]
40 chaʼwinik [tʃaʔwinik]
50 lajuneb yoxwinik [lahuneb joʃwinik]
60 oxwinik [oʃwinik]
70 lajuneb schanwinik [lahuneb stʃanwinik]
80 chanwinik [tʃanwinik]
90 lajuneb sjoʼwinik [lahuneb sjoʔwinik]
100 joʼwinik [hoʔwinik]
200 lajunwinik [lahunwinik]
1,000 lajunwinik yoxbajkʼ [lahunwinik joʃbahkɁ]

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