The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Tzeltal de Bachajon

Muc'ul toyol ts'ahc ta Babel

  1. Ta hich ora junax sc'opic spisil mach'atic ayic ta bahlumilal.
  2. Te c'alal loq'uic tal ta stojol banti ya xloc' tal c'ahc'al la stahic muc'ul spamlej ta sq'uinal Sinar, tey c'ohtic ta nahinel a.
  3. Hich la yalbe sbahic: Conic, jpastic ladrillo, ya jchic'tic ta c'ahc', xchihic. Ha ton c'oht yu'unic te ladrillo, soc ha mescla c'oht yu'unic te chapapote.
  4. Patil la yalic: Conic, jpastic muc'ul pueblo soc muc'ul toyol ts'ahc te ya xc'oht c'alal ta ch'ulchan; hich muc' ya xc'oht jc'oblaltic soc hich ma ba ya xpuhcotic bahel ta sba te bahlumilal, xchihic.
  5. Te Jehová co tal ta yilel te muc'ul pueblo soc te muc'ul toyol ts'ahc te yacalic ta spasel te snich'nab winiquetic.
  6. Hich la yal te Jehová: Junax ay te ants-winiquetic, soc junax sc'opic ta spisilic. Hahchemiquix ta a'tel, mayuc bin ya xhu' ya xcomotic yu'un ta spasel te bintic snopoj ta yo'tanic.
  7. Ha yu'un cohucotic bahel, ya jc'atp'umbetic sc'opic scuenta yu'un hich ma xya'iybe sba sc'opic ta tuhlultuhl a, xchi.
  8. Hich te Jehová tey la spucticlan bahel ta swohlol bahlumilal; hich quehchajic ta spasel te muc'ul pueblo.
  9. Ha scuentahil te Babel sbihil c'oht, yu'un tey la sc'atp'umbe sc'opic spisil ants-winiquetic a te Jehová, soc tey la spucticlan bahel ta swohlol bahlumilal.

Source: Bible in Tzeltal Bachajón. Bible Society of Mexico, 2006.

Tzeltal de Oxchuc

Muc'ul toyol ts'ajc' ta Babel

  1. Pajal sc'opic spisil ants-winiquetic ta balumilal, jun nax sc'opic.
  2. Ja'uc me to, loq'uic tel ta stojol sloq'uib c'aal, c'o staic muc'ul spamlej q'uinal ta Sinar, tey c'otic ta nainel a.
  3. Jich la yalbey sbaic: —Ja' lec jpastic ladrillo, ya jchic'tic ta c'ajc' —xiic. Ja' ton c'ot yu'unic te ladrillo, soc ja' mescla c'ot yu'unic te xuch' te stuquel ya xloc' ta lumq'uinale.
  4. Soc jich la xchajbanic: —La'ic jpastic muc'ul lum, soc ya me jpastic jun muc'ul toyol ts'ajc' te bayal ta caj moel, c'alal ta ch'ulchan ya xc'ot cu'untic. Ja' lec muc' ac'a c'otuc jc'oplaltic, ma me xpujc'otic bael ta spamal balumilal —xiic.
  5. Te Cajwaltic coj tel yil te muc'ul lum soc te muc'ul toyol ts'ajc' te yacalic ta spasel te winiquetique.
  6. Jich la yal te Cajwaltique: “Jun nax te lume, soc jun nax sc'opic ta spisilic. Jajch'iquix ta at'el, ma'yuc mach'a ya xju' ya xcomotic yu'un ta spasel bitic la snopix ta yo'tanic spasel.
  7. Jich yu'un ja' lec coucotic bael, ya jc'atp'unbeytic sc'opic, swenta yu'un jich ma xyaiybey sbaic sc'opic juju-jtul”, xi' te Cajwaltique.
  8. Jich la spuc bael te ants-winiquetic ta spamal balumilal te Cajwaltique. Quejch'aj ta pasel yu'unic te muc'ul lum te c'an spasique.
  9. Ja' swentail te bit'il Babel sbiil c'ot te lume, yu'un Dios la sc'atp'unbey sc'opic spisil ants-winiquetic, soc la spuc bael ta spamal balumilal.

Source: Bible in Tzeltal de Oxchuc y Tenejapa. Bible Society of Mexico, 2001.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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