The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Q'anjob'al / Kanjobal

  1. A yet payxa, yet max lajwi yec'can el jun owal aej mukwajwom tu', junnej tiej chi yal anima.
  2. A yet lanan toj eb bay yetc'ulal bay chi ajol c'u max apni oc cajan eb bay jun miman ac'al yul yet Sinar. A tu' max cajay ec' eb.
  3. Ay jun c'ual max k'anjab eb, max yalon eb axca ti': Co watx'nejek ladrillo, cax chi jak'onek tz'aok, ẍi eb. Ladrilloxa max yak'balnej eb, cax manxa ch'enok; axa asfalto natural max yaoc eb yin mesclail.
  4. Lajwi tu' max yalon eb nak axca ti'. Jak'ek jip co masanil, co watx'nejek junok miman conob, cax chi co watx'nenek junok miman torre, caw wal najat chi toj tz'ukan can, yet watx' caw miman chi yun co binaji. Junxanej bulan chi jut co ba, c'amxa chon saklemektok sat tx'otx' tx'otx' ti', ẍi eb nak.
  5. Axa Jehová xin, max ayol ul yilon jun conob tu', c'al jun torre chi watx'nejtok tz'ukan eb can tu'.
  6. Max yalon Cham axca ti': A eb nak ti', junnej conobal yayji eb, cax junnej is ti' eb, xan max chail eb yich jun mulnajil ti'; c'am tzet chi tenon oc wanaj eb nak watx'nen tzet chi yochej is c'ul.
  7. A tinani xin, ayokonektok xol eb, co somtok ti' eb, yet watx' c'amxa chi nachaj el yuj eb tzet chi yala', ẍi Cham.
  8. Cayton tu' max yun pojchajtok eb yuj Jehová, cax max bekon ay eb watx'nen aj jun conob tu'.
  9. A ton bay jun lugar tu' max somcantok Cham ti' eb anima, cax max saklemcantok eb masanil yulyibank'inal ti', xan Babel max yikcan aj jun conob tu'.

Source: El Antiguo Testamento en Q'anjob'al Oriental. Sociedades Bíblicas Unidas, 1989.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Q'anjob'al is a Mayan language spoken mainly in Huehuetenango Department of Guatemala

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