Numbers in Yucatec Maya (Xokobilo'ob)

How to count in Yucatec Maya (Màaya t'àan), a Mayan language spoken mainly on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

There endings that are added to the numbers when counting specific things. For example, with inanimate objects you use p'éel, with plants and trees you use kúul and with people and animals you use túul. There are many more, however they are rarely used.

Many Yucatec Maya speakers count in Spanish, and those who do use the Yucatec Maya numbers may only count up to 4 in them.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 mix ba'al
1 jun [hun]
2 ka' [kaʔ]
3 óox [óːʃ]
4 kan [kan]
5 jo'o [hoʔo]
6 waak [waːk], wak
7 u'uk [uʔuk]
8 waxak [waˈʃak]
9 bolon [ɓoˈlon], bolom
10 lajun, lahun [laˈhun]
11 buluk [ɓuˈluk]
12 lajka'a, ka'alajun
13 óoxlajun
14 kanlajun
15 jo'olajun
16 waaklajun, waklajun
17 u;uklajun, wuklajun
18 waxaklajun
19 bolonlajun
20 junk'aal
21 jun tu ka'ak'aal
22 ka'a tu ka'ak'aal
23 óox tu ka'ak'aal
24 kan tu ka'ak'aal
25 jo'o tu ka'ak'aal
26 wak tu ka'ak'aal
27 wuk tu ka'ak'aal
28 waxak tu ka'ak'aal
29 bolon tu ka'ak'aal
30 lajun tu ka'ak'aal
40 ka'ak'aal
50 lajun tu yóoxk'aal
60 óoxk'aal
70 lajun tu kank'aal
80 kank'aal
90 lajun tu jo'ok'aal
100 jo'ok'aal
200 lajunk'aal
300 jo'olajunk'aal
400 junk'aax, jumbaak'
8,000 junpik

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Hear some Yucatec Maya numbers and learn about written Mayan numerals:


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