Greek proverbs

A collection of proverbs and sayings in Greek (ελληνικά).

Κάνε το καλό και ρίξ' το στο γιαλό
Do good and cast it in the sea = be humble about your kind acts, don't brag about them

Η γλώσσα κόκαλα δεν έχει και κόκαλα τσακίζει
The tongue doesn't have bones but can smash bones = the power of words can hurt

Το ‘να χέρι νίβει το άλλο, και τα δυο το πρόσωπο
One hand rubs the other and both of them (rub) the face = teamwork brings better results

Όταν λείπει η γάτα χορεύουν τα ποντίκια
When the cat is away the mice dance = when someone who's in charge is absent or not paying attention, the others behave with negligence

Το καλό το παλικάρι ξέρει κι άλλο μονοπάτι
The good lad knows another path = the smart person knows how to do things differently, despite the hurdles

Proverbs provided by Danae Florou of Alpha Beta Greek

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