Omniglot news 2011

25th December

New language: Itelmen (итэнмэн)

New articles: How to Find the Best French Language Schools and Tabeetousa? Tufaykoa? The new French language

Improved page: Tatar phrases

Merry Christmas, by the way.

18th December

New con-script: Rng'-Tera

Improved pages: Punjabi (language) and Punjabi phrases

11th December

New language: Dizin

New phrases page: Sicilian

New recordings of: Bulgarian phrases and Tower of Babel in Kam

4th December

New alphabets: Carpathian Basin Rovas and Khazarian Rovas

New language: Ingrian

New numbers page: Finnic languages

New article: Reasons to Learn Sign Language

27th November

New language: Äynu

New con-script: Trees

New phrases pages: Quechua, Sardinian and Do you speak English?

New numbers page: Sámi

20th November

New/improved alphabet pages: Beitha Kukju, Elbasan and Todhri

New numbers pages: Japanese and Korean

13th November

New alphabet: Dalecarlian Runes

New phrases page: Hausa

New articles: Language 101 Review and Taiwan: probably the best destination in the world for learning Chinese

New Tower of Babel translation: Taiwanese

6th November

New language: Yaghnobi

New con-script: Tersive Shorthand

New phrases page: Haitian Creole

New article: Inexperienced Teachers and EFL

30th October

New con-scripts: Amadz, Elektrum, Newcursive, Tengwarpt and Yivga

New Tower of Babel translations: Dari, Paite and Somali

New articles: Best Careers for French Majors and 5 Reasons to Learn German

Improved page: Somali phrases

23rd October

New language: Mapuche

New phrases page: Corsican

New articles: Knowing Your Greek Root Words Can Help You Learn New Languages, Mexico's Hidden Gem - Querétaro and 5 Language Apps for the iPhone

16th October

New page: Numbers in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Taiwanese and Shanghainese

New recordings of Hakka and Shanghainese phrases

Improved page: Chinese numerals

9th October

Improved section: Chinese

New articles: Should College Students Teach EFL? and A homage to Italy: Why Brits love the Italian language

2nd October

New language: Pite Sámi

New articles: The Devanagari Script and Learn English in New York City

25th September

New pages: Inari Sámi, Kildin Sámi, Lule Sámi, North Sámi, Skolt Sámi, South Sámi, Ter Sámi and Ume Sámi

New Tower of Babel translation: Kumyk

New article: El Camino de Santiago

18th September

New alphabet and language: Bantawa & Kirat Rai

New language: Yucatec Maya

Improved pages: Caucasian Albanian and Tangut

New Tower of Babel translation: Crimean Tatar

12th September

New numbers page: Persian

Improved page: Georgian

11th September - Sing for Water London

On 11th September 2011 I sang with the Bangor Community Choir and 50 choirs from the UK and Ireland at Sing for Water in London. This was to raise money for WaterAid, a charity that aims to provide clean water and sanitation for some of the world's poorest people.

If you'd like to contribute to Water Aid, please go to: JustGiving

You can see a video of one of the songs we sang on YouTube.

4th September

New con-script: Lamezzian

New phrases page: Tswana

New articles: Compulingual: Online Language Programs That Actually Work and Lost in translation: traps for translators

New recordings: Polish phrases

28th August

New language: Tigre

New con-script: Sharjastani

New recordings: Finnish phrases

Improved page: Amharic phrases

21st August

New language: Kadazandusun

New con-scripts: Eriseci and Pana

New Tower of Babel texts: Kadazandusun and Khmer

New article: The Importance of Learning the Language in a New Country

Improved page: Cypriot syllbary

14th August

New in writing systems: Coelbren y Beirdd / The Bardic Alphabet and Eskayan

New songs in Irish and Manx

7th August

New con-script: Quenti

New phrases page: Somali

New articles: Bilingualism, Categorisation, Categories and Prototypes and Learn Spanish for Free and Improve Employment Opportunities

Improved pages: Bashkir, Karachay-Balkar, Kazakh, Kumyk and Tuvan

24th July

New conscripts: Aqami and Cecarakan

New page: Indonesian proverbs

17th July

New numbers page: Tagalog

New recordings: Tamil phrases and Tower of Babel in Tamil

New articles: Becoming a nationally certified medical interpreter and Hebrew Dictionary Review: What to look for?

10th July

New language: Pangasinan

New phrases page in Nogai

New recordings of Hindi phrases

New con-script: Ngãxasrix

3rd July

New language: Nogai

New phrases page: Mam

New articles: A review of Rocket Hindi and Mexican Spanish

26th June

New language: Kutchi

New con-scripts: Golic Vulcan, Gryirhanli, and Wardruna Arabic

New articles: Learn Italian in Rome and Some tips on learning English

19th June

New language: Beja

New phrases page: Ancient Greek

New numbers page: Hindi

On 19th June I sang with the Bangor Community Choir and many other choirs from northern Britain at Sing for Water North in Manchester. This was to raise money for WaterAid, a charity that aims to provide clean water and sanitation for some of the world's poorest people. See some videos of the event.

12th June

New language and alphabet: Phrygian

New translation: About the author in Indonesian

Improved page: Sámi

5th June

New writing system: Takri

New translation: Afrikaans page

New articles: Learning Hebrew with a Pen Scanner and Why choose Argentina to learn Spanish

New recordings of: Slovenian phrases

Improved page: Tongan phrases

29th May

New language: Hittite

Improved pages: Lycian and Lydian

New recording in: Belarusian (UDHR, Article 1)

22nd May

New language and writing system: Sumerian

Improved page: Akkadian

New recording: Spanish numbers

New page: Tower of Babel in Coptic

New translation: About the author in Malay

15th May

New language: Algerian Arabic

New Tower of Babel text in Sámi

New recordings: Tower of Babel in Urdu, Tower of Babel in Vietnamese and Vietnamese phrases

8th May

New languages: Khakas, Shor and Veps

Improved pagea: Orkhon (Old Turkic) and Rejang

1st May

New language: Harari

New phrases page: Tuvaluan

New recordings: Sundanese phrases

24th April

New phrases page: Sundanese

New languages: Awngi and Juǀʼhoan

New articles: A bit of Sundanese
and Denglisch - The German language under attack?

17th April

New writing system: Chakma

New languages: Chaha and Silt'e

New con-script: Banleyu

New page: French idioms

10th April

New alphabet: Proto-Sinaitic / Proto-Canaanite script

New numbers page: Spanish

3rd April

New alphabet: Southwest Paleohispanic script

Improved pages: Adyghe, Iberian, Tower of Babel in Uyghur

27th March

New languages: Godoberi and Xamtanga

Improved pages: Avar and Greek

20th March

New language: Kven

Improved page: Colours

New recording: Kazakh alphabet

New article: Four is better than one - bahasa rojak, a uniquely Malaysian treasure

13th March

New signs page: No Smoking

New con-script: Genesis

New articles: Expand your Horizons with a Second Language and The wonders of English spelling explained

New Tower of Babel text: Wolof

Improved page: Wolof

6th March

New con-scripts: Bāgha, Dscript and Visual Binary Cube Alphabet

New language: Raga

New phrases page: I miss you

New translation: Tower of Babel in Sicilian

27th February

New language: Argobba

New recordings: Kannada phrases

Improved page: Amharic

20th Feburary

New languages: Bench and Tausūg

New translation: Tower of Babel in Punjabi

Improved pages: Newari, Punjabi numbers and Punjabi phrases

13th Feburary

New section: Signs

New con-script: Amethyst

New phrases page: Assamese

Improved pages: Japanese phrases and Punjabi phrases

6th February

New language: Rajasthani

New recordings: Kannada and Mongolian

Improved pages: Albanian, Braille for Chinese and Genoese

30th January

New language: Enets

New con-lang: Glauxian

Improved pages: Avestan, Vai and Yi

23rd January

New languages: Cia-Cia and Elfdalian

New recordings: Bulgarian colours, Bulgarian numbers, Irish phrases, Tower of Babel in Irish and Mandarin pronunciation

16th January

New con-script: Phono Braille

New birthday songs in: Romanian

New book store page: Sinhala

Improved pages: Maithili and Sinhala phrases

9th January

New languages: Norn and Maithili

New translation: About the Author text in Norwegian

New recording: Estonian sample text

Improved pages: Cantonese and Thaana

2nd January 2011

New languages: Nheengatu, Tucano and Yaqui

New in writing systems: Byeokrando and Yựtyựt

New translation: About the Author in Marathi

New phrases page: Lojban

New birthday songs in: Hungarian

New recording: Tower of Babel in Lojban

Improved page: Evenki

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