Arraneyn ayns Gaelg (Manx Gaelic songs)

Shoh çhaglym arraneyn ayns Gaelg ynsit mee ayns yn Ellan Vannin as veih lioaryn as CDyn.

This is a collection of Manx traditional songs that I've learnt in the Isle of Man and from books and CDs.


Manx Heritage Foundation (Undinys Eiraght Vannin) music database

Lyrics and music for a number of Manx songs

Lioar dy hymnyn, as arraneyn spyrrydoil, chyndait gys Gailck, veih licaryn Wesley as Watts, &c (1799):

Recordings of Manx language songs are available from:

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Songs in various languages

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Songs from: Bangor Community Choir | Bangor Welsh Learners' Choir | The Crazy Choir | Simon Ager


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