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Limpopo River song

This is a song from Zimbabwe in Northern Ndebele (Sidebele). It is sung by people who have to walk from Matabeleland to work in the gold mines of South Africa, crossing the Limpopo River (Ingululkudela) on the way.

I learnt it for the big Sing for Water concert in London in August 2009.

Sayiwela, sayiwela
Sayiwela sibili
Sayiwela Ingulukudela
Siyofuna imali

Baphina obaba / okoko?
Indubeko zomhlaba


We crossed it, we crossed it
We really crossed it
We crossed Ingulukudela
To look for money

Where are those fathers / mothers?
They are in heaven
They left us problems
These earthly difficulties

A recording of this song by Una May Olomolaiye

A recording of this song by the Sing for Water Choir, London 2009

Another recording of this song:

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