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Songs I've written

I started writing songs in 2012 inspired by a poetry writing workshop I went to in Bangor, and by a singing class I attended a number of times since 2010. At first I tried to write poems and then realised that they worked better as songs.

I've written a number of silly, nonsense songs, as well as some more serious ones. The nonsense ones usually start from playing with the words, phrases and ideas. The more serious ones were inspired by seasons, nature and various other things.

The words usually come to me first, then I make a tune that fits them. I compose most of the words and tunes in my head before writing them down, and then work out which chords fit with them on the ukulele, piano, guitar and/or harp.

Here are some of the songs I've written so far:

A Gnu in My Shoe | A Hen in My Hat | A Panda in a Poncho | Chaos | Everyday adventures | Hints of Blossom | How many roads? | La Plume de ma Tante | Make the most of it while it lasts | Plinkin Plookplooks | Spollagyn son tey / Chips for tea | The Elephant Song | Ukuleles On The Shore | When you get to jiggit

I've sung most of these songs in public in various places and they go down well. I've also taught some of them to other members of the improvision group I sing in, and they've come up with harmonies for them.

You can hear my songs and tunes on SoundCloud:

You can see the scores for some of my songs and tunes on Musescore

Here's a video of me performing some of my songs at the Mash Up in the Greenhouse, a community centre in Bangor, on 2nd May 2014.

Other songs

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