Monday Morning

Monday Morning

This is a song I wrote in June 2019. I come up with a new song every month to share at the singer-songwriter group I go to, and this is my June song. It came to me one Monday morning, hence the name, and the image shows some of the words I scribbled down that day.

Monday Morning

I like to sing in the morning before I get up
I like to sing in the shower too
I like to sing as I'm making my meals you know
I like to sing as I'm washing the dishes

I could sing all day long and through the night
I could sing 'til the morning light
So let's sing all day long and through the night
Let's sing with all our might

I like to sing as I'm walking along the street
I like to sing to the people I meet
I like to sing on the bus and on the train
And I even like to sing in the rain

I like to sing to the sea and to the sky
I like to sing to the rivers and streams
I like to sing to the valleys and to the hills
I like to sing to the birds and bees

Here's a recording:

Simon Ager Monday Morning / Bore Llun

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