Plinkin Plookplooks

This is a song that I wrote for fun in July 2013 that consists of a mixture of made-up words and words from Shetland dialect. I try to sing it in a Scottish accent, but can't yet sing in a Shetland accent, unfortunately.

Plinkin Plookplooks

When the plookplooks are a plinkin upon their peerie goos
And the baagies are a birlin in their muckle shoes
Beware the mirdin owld masgooms and the oolin mooratoogs
For they will snorf your scobbins, and then slunk doon in the snoob

So put on your zamblated zoot hat and your flartled overflude
And then you'll feel richt flimpsome and ready for a plood
If the nories are a nigglin, just smeeg and steek your lugs
And then you can outlapple all their wenglit wugs.

If your peerie tings are tussin, don't twartle like a trow
Just twig and snorf some tabnab, then a twasperin you'll go
When it's time for tammy noddie, they'll troke and tresh aboot
But just let them trointle truely, and then they'll tarpool oot.

Here's a recording:

What do the words mean?

These are the words from Shetland dialect. The others are made-up.

The wug test

A zoot hat is what you might where with a zoot suit, a type of suit that was popular in the 1940s in America that has high-waisted, wide-legged, tight-cuffed, pegged trousers, and a long jacket with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. Such suits are often worn with a fedora or pork pie hat, though there's no reason why they shouldn't be accompanied by a zoot hat.

A wug is a made-up creature used in the wug test, which was devised by Jean Berko Gleason in 1958. It involves showing people a drawing of a made-up animal such as a wug, which is usually depicted as a bird-like creature, and telling them that it is a wug. Then they are shown two wugs and are promoted to say that there are two ...? The wug test is used with people with language impairments and tests their ability to apply a regular plural ending, even to made-up words.

Here's a more Shetland version of the first verse, using Shetland spellings and replacing the made-up words with Shetland words.

Whin da pikka maas ir a plinkin apo der peerie gues
An da baagies ir a birlin in der muckle shoes
Beware da mirdin owld masgooms an da oolin mooratoogs
For dey will swally dy scobbins, an den smoot aff for a soom.

Additional words:

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