Sail Across The Sky

Sail Across The Sky

This is a song I wrote on the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead in July 2019. I wanted to write a sea shanty, but what emerged was more of a sky shanty.

Sail Across The Sky

On a mighty fine day in the month of July
We set sail across the sky
Just me, the cat and Billy the goat
In a boat full of apple pie

Sail, sail across the sky
You might just like it if you try
Sail, sail across the sky
You might see things to make you smile

We sailed north and we sailed south
And we sailed into a dragon's mouth
The dragon slept and we got away
To tell this tale to you today

And then we sailed up to the moon
Where a weeble warbled a jolly tune
The weeble said do stay for tea
So we sat and supped down by the sea

We found an island made of cheese
Brimming with bats and bumblebees
Who bimbled and bumbled in the breeze
And broopled among the rhubarb trees

When we got home the sea was pink
And pigs were waltzing in the sink
And you can be sure this tale is true
Apart from the words painted blue.

Here's a recording:

Simon Ager Sail Across The Sky / Hwylio Dros Yr Awyr

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