Useful Manx phrases

A collection of useful phrases in Manx, a Celtic language spoken on the Isle of Man.

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Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person.

English Gaelg (Manx)
Welcome Failt ort (sg)
Failt erriu (pl)
Hello (General greeting) Moghrey mie (morning)
Fastyr mie (afternoon / evening)
How are you? Kys t'ou? (sg)
Kanys ta shiu? (pl)
Reply to 'How are you?' Braew, gura mie ayd, as uss hene? (sg)
Braew, gura mie eu, as shiu hene? (pl)
Feer vie, gura mie ayd, as uss hene? (sg)
Feer vie, gura mie eu, as shiu hene? (pl)
Long time no see She tammylt liauyr neayr's honnick mee oo (sg)
She tammylt liauyr neayr's honnick mee shiu (pl)
What's your name? Cre'n ennym t'ort? (sg)
Cre'n ennym t'erriu? (pl)
My name is ... Ta'n ennym orrym ...
Ta ... yn ennym orrym
Mish ...
Where are you from? Cre voish t'ou? (sg)
Cre voish ta shiu? (pl)
I'm from ... Ta mee voish ...
Pleased to meet you S'mie lhiam çheet dty whail (sg)
S'taittin lhiam çheet dty whail (sg)
Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Moghrey mie
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Fastyr mie
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Fastyr mie
Good night Oie vie
(Parting phrases)
Slane lhiat (sg)
Slane lhiu (pl)
Bannaght lhiat (sg)
Bannaght lhiu (pl)
Hee'm oo (sg)
Hee'm shiu (pl)
Good luck! Aigh vie ort! (sg)
Aigh vie erriu! (pl)
Noorey vie ort! (sg)
Noorey vie erriu! (pl)
Cheers! Good Health!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Slaynt! (health)
Slaynt vie! (good health)
Slaynt vie, bea veayn, beeal fliugh as baase ayns Mannin
(Good health, a long life, a wet mouth, and death in Mann)
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Gow dty vee dy fondagh!
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Cair vie! (Fair winds)
Maybe Foddee
I don't know Cha nel fys aym
Cha 's aym
I understand Ta mee toiggal
I don't understand Cha nel mee toiggal
Please speak more slowly Loayr ny smelley, my sailt (sg)
Loayr-shiu ny smelley, my sailliu (pl)
Please say that again Abbyr shen reesht, my sailt (sg)
Abbyr-shiu shen reesht, my sailliu (pl)
Please write it down Screeu shen sheese, my sailt (sg)
Screeu-shiu shen sheese, my sailliu (pl)
Do you speak English? Vel Baarle ayd?
Do you speak Manx? Vel Gaelg ayd?
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Ta, beggan
I'm learning Manx Ta mee gynsagh Gaelg
Ta mee gynsaghey Gaelg
Do you speak a language
other than
Marish Gaelg, vel çhengey elley ayd?
Speak to me in Manx Loayr Gaelg rhym, my sailt (sg)
Loayr-shiu Gaelg rhym, my sailliu (sg)
How do you say ... in Manx? Cre ta'n fockle son ... 'sy Ghaelg?
Excuse me Gow my leshtal!
Jean my leshtal!
I would like ... By vie lhiam ...
How much is this? Quoid ta shoh?
Sorry S'doogh lhiam!
S'treih lhiam!
S'olk lhiam!
Gow my leshtal!
Please My saillt (sg)
My sailliu (pl)
Thank you Gura mie ayd (sg)
Gura mie eu (pl)
Gura mie mooar ayd (sg)
Gura mie mooar eu (pl)
Reply to thank you She dty vea
Where's the toilet / bathroom? C'raad ta'n thie-veg?
C'raad ta'n premmee-deiney? (Gents)
C'raad ta'n premmee-mraane? (Ladies)
C'raad ta'n shamyr-oonlee?
Would you like to dance with me? By vie lhiat daunsey lhiam?
Do you come here often? Vel oo çheet dys shoh dy mennick? (sg)
Vel shiu çheet dys shoh dy mennick? (pl)
I miss you Ta mee goaill foddeeaght dty yei
Ta mee goaill foddeeaght er dty hon
I love you Ta graih aym ort
Go away! Fow royd!
Leave me alone! Lhig yn raad dou!
Help! Cooin lhiam!
Fire! Aile!
Stop! Fark ort!
Call the police! Cur fys er ny poleenyn!
Cur fys er ny meoiryn-shee!
Christmas greetings Nollick Ghennal
New Year greetings Blein Vie Noa
Blein Vaynrey Noa
Easter greetings Caisht sonney dhyt
Birthday greetings Laa-ruggyree sonney dhyt
Congratulations! Moylley dhyt!
One language is never enough Cha nel un çhengey dy liooar rieau
My hovercraft is full of eels Ta my haagh crowal lane dy astanyn
Ta my lhong chrowal lane dy astanyn



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