Omniglot news (2009)

27th December

New in writing systems: Tengwar for Latin American Spanish

New article: Useful Tips on Indonesian Translation

20th December

New language: Moriori

New con-script: Qelsh

New article: Learning Bahasa Indonesia the Easy Way!

13th December

New con-script: Maui

New phrases pages: Khmer and Say cheese!

6th December

New writing system: Shan

New language: Garo

29th November

New language: Zazaki

New con-script: Tennent

New index: Language index

New Tower of Babel translation: Belarusian

22nd November

New con-script: Europaphon

New phrases page: Bosnian

Improved page: N'Ko

15th November

New language: Mundari

New article: The language learning classroom

Improved page: Galician phrases

8th November

New con-script: Fontok

New article: SLANG - Are you In or Out?

New recordings of phrases in: Egyptian Arabic

1st November

New language: Archi

New con-script: Tengo

Improved pages: Avestan, Bashkir

25th October

New alphabet: Pallava

Improved pages: Manipuri and Sylheti

New songs in Zulu: Senzenina & Shosholoza

18th October

New language: Tsotsil

New con-script: SIGIL

New phrases page: Tsotsil

11th October

New in writing systems: Bamum and Chữ Thái Việt

New phrases page: Amharic

4th October

New language: Shabaki

New in writing systems: Engreellic

New songs in: Georgian, Māori and Northern Ndebele

27th September

New language: Northern Sotho

New page of idioms in Slovak

New article: Reduplication in Filipino names and words

New translation of the About the author text in Slovak

20th September

New con-script: Cloud and Rain

New sample text recording in: Serbian

6th September

New language: Seychelles Creole (Seselwa)

New article: That Squiggly Dash above an 'n' (and its linguistic significance)

30th August

New language: Tshiluba

New con-script: Avorentas HGV

New phrases page: Venetian

23rd August

New language: Zapotec

New phrases page: Chechen

New songs: An Ghiobóg, Ar a Ghabháil go Baile Átha Cliath Domh and Bímís ag ól

16th August

New con-script: akSarAH

9th August

New article: What's the best way to learn Spanish?

New section: Celtic connections

Improved phrases page: Azerbaijani

2nd August

New in the gallery: Endangered Alphabets

24th July

I'm off to Ireland tomorrow for a week-long Irish language and culture summer school at Oideas Gael in Glencolmcille in Donegal. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access there, so replies for emails might take a while.

19th July

New con-scripts: Lodarliel and Techno

New article: Why do many language courses not work?

12th July

New in writing systems: Aynukana and Zhelniv

Improved page: Mandarin (now includes the Palladius Cyrillic transliteration system.

New article: Lang-8 - language learning and social networking

5th July

New language: Altay

Improved page: Sinhala

28th June

New con-scripts: Hexahue and Simplebet

New article: When Languages Combine

21st June

New languages: Arvanitic and Eyak

14th June

New language: Miami

7th June

New alphabet: Punic

New in writing systems: Takeluma

31st May

New alphabets: Arcadian, Arrows and Osage

24th May

New language: Nǀuu

New in writing systems: Betenic

17th May

New in writing systems: Lumpa and ULOG

New in phrases: It's small world

10th May

New alphabet: Ariyaka

New colours page: Vietnamese

3rd May

New in writing systems: Banyo and Tadváradcel

New colours page: Afrikaans

26th April

New in writing systems: Modern Standard Alphabet

New phrases page: Ilocano

17th April

New language: Latino sine Flexione

New con-script: Laidrin

New translations of the About the author text in Estonian and Finnish

15th April

Apologies for the site being down today - I've been moving it to a new server, which should be faster and more reliable. I hope to have the blog and forum up and running tomorrow. Unfortunately the data was lost for both. Fortunately I have a back up of the blog, though only up to Feburary.

12th April

New in writing systems: Baal

New articles: The Last Livonian, Quebec's New Video Game Language Laws and Simpel-Fonetik Spelling

5th April

New in writing systems: Fingers alphabet and The Hermit Runes

Improved page: Georgian

New article: Spanish Prepositions - and Why You Need to Get These Right!

New phrases page: Galician

New recordings of phrases in: Latin and Low Saxon

2nd April

The Omniglot forum and blog don't seem to be working at the moment. I'm trying to find the problem and hope it will be fixed shortly.

29th March

Improved page: Lingala (now includes a Lingala version)

New idioms page in: Russian

22nd March

New in writing systems: ColorHoney / ColorTokki

New phrases page: Yorùbá

New translation: Yorùbá (in Yorùbá)

15th March

New language: Karamojong

New font: Keltic

8th March

New in writing systems: Ogibára and Pipeline 3D

New phrases page: Egyptian Arabic

New recordings of: Arabic and Yiddish phrases,
and the Tower of Babel in Arabic

New gallery section: Calligraphic Art

1st March

New phrases page: Low Saxon

New Tower of Babel: Low Saxon

New colours page: Spanish

New idiom page: Out of sight, out of mind

22nd February

New language: Tswana

Improved pages: Javanese and Nahuatl

15th February

New writing system: Sundanese

New colours page: German

Improved pages: Cherokee and the Tower of Babel in Quenya

8th February

New in writing systems: Bokscript and Sheli Toj

New colours page for: French

1st February

New colours pages for: Arabic, Dutch and Tuvaluan

New recordings of Ukrainian phrases

Improved pages: Grantha and Redjang

New articles: Konkani, A dialect? NO! and Avoid that workplace accident waiting to happen

25th January

New section: Colour words in many languages

New in writing systems: CHIS (Charted Heterogenous Inscription System)

18th January

New alphabet: Manichaean

11th January

New in writing systems: Geup-Simhangul

New sample text recordings in Fijian Hawaiian and Ukrainian

4th January

New language: Tsonga

Happy New Year, by the way.

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