Omniglot news (2007)

30th December

New writing systems: Ciijan and Emoel gugu

23rd December

New writing systems: Mars and the Minimal Stacking Alphabet

New article: Does anyone there speak Spanish?

New phrases page: Lingua Franca Nova

16th December

New language: Karakalpak

New phrases page: Scots

New section: Multilingual songs

9th December

New writing systems: Blox and Liron

New phrases pages: Croatian and Serbian

2nd December

New writing systems: Holiland and Uruk Runes

New phrases pages: Jèrriais and Romanian

25th November

New writing system: Satzī

New language: Pirahã

Improved page: Phags-pa

18th November

New writing system: Messerussian

New language: Rotokas

New article: Can Minority Languages Be Saved? Globalization vs. Culture

New phrases page: Turkish

11th November

New writing system: New Maori

New phrases pages: Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian and Latvian

New Tower of Babel translation: Slovenian

New bookstore page: Georgian

4th November

New alphabet: Evēla Akuru

New language: Lingua Ignota

New phrases pages: Slovenian and Tagalog

New Tower of Babel translation: Mongolian

New bookstore page: Slovenian

28th October

New language: Bemba

New phrases pages: Macedonian and Swahili

Improved phrases page: Icelandic

New Tower of Babel translation: Macedonian

New article: How Not To Learn A Foreign Language

21st October

New in writing systems: Deini and Porturillic

New language: Tuvan

14th October

New languages: Wiradjuri and Yolngu

New phrases pages: Kurdish and Thai

New links page: Phrases

7th October

New languages: Noongar and Wik-Mungkan

30th September

New in writing systems: Cwirhald and Elhanin

New languages: Murrinh-Patha and Ngiyambaa

23rd September

New in writing systems: Braille for Latin and Greek, and New Akha

Improved pages: Chu-nom, Ganda, Malay, Vietnamese

18th September

I returned from my holiday on Sunday. If you sent a message to feedback[at]omniglot[dot]com while I was away, it probably didn't get through as my mailbox has been malfunctioning. It's working again now.

8th September

New languages: Gooniyandi and Yindjibarndi

New phrases and audio recordings for Cantonese

Tomorrow I'm off for week's holiday in the Czech Republic and Germany with Explore Worldwide. While I'm away, I probably won't be able to answer your emails.

2nd September

New constructed script: Helian

New articles: 5 Reasons Why you Should Learn a New Language, English as a Universal Language

New audio recordings for all the French phrases

26th August

New constructed scripts: Sympol and the World Unity Alphabet

New songs: Iníon A' Bhaoghailligh and Seachrán Chairn tSiail

19th August

New language: Kaingang

New articles: Language Teaching in Second Life and Secrets of Speaking with a Genuine Accent

New phrases pages: Belarusian, Please say that again

12th August

New constructed scripts: Orgom Silawa, New Mong and Snow Script

New audio recordings for all the Russian phrases

New song: Siún Ní Dhuibhir (Susan O'Dwyer)

5th August

New language: Shavante

New constructed scripts: Estariano and Sylabica

New phrases pages: Hebrew, Persian (Farsi) and Yiddish

29th July

New phrases page: Hindi

20th July

New constructed script: Arahauvarf

New language: Dawan

New Tower of Babel translation: Dawan

Many new audio files for Cornish

Please note: Tomorrow I'm off to Ireland to take part in the Irish Language & Culture Summer School at Oideas Gael in Glencolmcille. I'll be away for a week and won't be able to respond to your emails during that time.

Amárach beidh mé ag dul go hÉirinn chun páirt a ghlachadh san Scoil Shamhraidh i dTeanga & Cultúr in Oideas Gael i nGleann Cholm Cille. Beidh mé as baile ar feadh seachtaine agus ní féidir liom bhur chuid ríomhphost a freagair i rith an t-am sin.

15th July

New in writing systems: Tengwar for Spanish

New article: Learning Spanish to Improve Your Mind

New phrases pages: Javanese, Maltese

Many new audio files for Welsh

New bookstore page: Maltese

8th July

New constructed alphabet: Malíi

New language: Rotuman

New phrases pages: Indonesian, Malay and Ukrainian

1st July

New constructed alphabet: Chelyesta

New phrases page: Uzbek

16th June

New constructed scripts: Agıšá, Betacap, Curvetic, Etháre and Handaues

Please note: I'll be away for the next two weeks on the Summer Welsh course at the University of Wales Lampeter. During that time, I probably won't be able to answer all your emails. I'll be back on 1st July.

Yn ystod y pythefnos nesa, bydda i'n dysgu mwy o Gymraeg ar y Cwrs Haf Cymraeg yn y Prifysgol Cymru, Llanbedr Pont Steffan. Bydda i'n ôl 1 Gorffenaf.

10th June

New languages: Drehu and Ewondo

New constructed scripts: colorAlphabet and ToCha'r

Improved page: Kayah Li

3rd June

New languages: Bislama, Waray-Waray

New constructed script: Raitolïihaste

27th May

New constructed script: Wedges

New phrases pages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Catalan, Fijian and Māori

20th May

New languages: Burushaski and Makhuwa

New constructed script: Ainu Nuye

New phrases pages: Danish, Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish

13th May

New constructed scripts: Hanyinzi, Kara Hiragana and Vertical "B"

New phrases pages: Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese
and Stop the world, I want to get off!

New section: Can o' Songs - a collection of songs in Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Welsh

6th May

New constructed alphabet: Chumauni and Pulmis

New languages: Bikol and Marshallese

New phrases pages: Breton, Cornish, Welsh, irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic

29th April

New language: Kabyle

New phrases pages: Haiwaiian, Luxembourgish and Portuguese

22nd April

New alphabet: Carian

New languages: Kirundi and Sango

New articles: Cham Muslims of Phnom Penh and The Vanishing Batak Tribe

15th April

New language: Gwich’in

New constructed alphabets: Areil Cirith and Tanar

New phrases pages: Dutch

8th April

New alphabet: Lydian

New phrases pages: French, German, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Spanish

New bookstore page: Slovak

1st April

New alphabet: HVD

New languages: Crimean Tatar and Ganda

25th March

New language: Dinka

New phrases page: Days of the week in many language

New articles: Foreign Language Study for Homeschoolers: Problems and Solutions and Polish immigrants' growing role in British consumer spending

Improved pages: Sami and Tower of Babel in Norwegian

18th March

New alphabets: Lycian and Phonographics

New phrases pages: Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Greek, Hakka, Mandarin, Shanghainese and Taiwanese

New RSS news feed

11th March

New language: Cayuga and Naskapi

New phrases pages: Arabic, Kazakh and Lithuanian

4th March

New in writing systems: Adunaroth

New languages: Abenaki, Montagnais and Shawnee

New section: Language-related job vacancies

25th February

New in writing systems: Godgul & Sungul

New languages: Tuvaluan and Yapese

New article: Why learn French in France?

New Omniglot forum - the place to discuss languages, language learning, etc.

18th February

New languages: Mansi and Udmurt

New in phrases: How much is this?

11th February

New in writing systems: Dn'alan and Qosta

New in phrases: One language is never enough

Audio recording of the Tower of Babel story in Russian

4th February

New languages: Haitian Creole, Tok Pisin

Improved page: Somali - now includes the Borama/Gadabuursi alphabet

Audio recording of the Tower of Babel story in Bulgarian

28th January

New in writing systems: Sadhain

The following pages have been translated into Russian by Mikhail Stepchenko (Михаил Степченко): Главная | Что такое письменность? | Консонантные алфавиты | Алфавиты | Кириллица

Lots of new Bulgarian and Greek audio files in the phrases section.

21st January

New language: Egyptian Arabic

New Tower of Babel translation in Syriac

14th January

New in writing systems: Delta Menurae and Similis

New language: Bambara

Lots of new Czech audio files in the phrases section.

7th January

New in writing systems: Gernreich, Hylian alphabet

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