Arahauvarf   Arahauvarf

Arahauvarf was invented by Russian writer Ivan Karasev in 2006 to write his conlang, Arahau.

Each vocalic sound designates a noun, and consonants designate grammatic formants. The construction of language allows it to reduce a stream of speech sometimes. The Arahau language is generated by a polysynthetic principle, and the language is typologically active, unlike the majority of artificial languages.

Notable features

Arahauvarf alphabet

Arahauvarf alphabet


Arahauvarf numerals


Numerals are based on somatic subclasses. Multiples of five carry the name arf "the left hand" (ten), ard "the right hand" (five), rka "the left leg" (twenty), rza "the right leg" (fifteen), and also some other parts of a body, as in some Papuan and Tongan languages. The system of counting up to 10 is five-base (quinary), and after 20 it's vigesimal. The separate names have numeratives 21 (rpa) and 22 (rpaj), meaning taboo parts of a body. 100 - ar (mankind, weights), 1000 urs - (life), 10000 - raj (uncertain etymology), az - million (mister), azei - one million (giant). Zaharg - billion, zahac - quadrillion, zard - pentillion.

Sample texts

Sample text in Arahauvarf


Oplaarkoeparatcnar corlapcoord. Ssisbroucourb ssoassetaragopl.


Opl-aa-rk-oe-p-ara-t-c-nar c-orl?-p-c-oord. Ss-is-brou-c-ourb ss-oasse-t-ara-g-opl.

All-human-foot (go)-in world (in white [light])-brother (man like man)-and-free In dignity-and- rights. They-are- reason (brain)-and-conscience (heart) They-should-do-brother-everybody.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Ivan Karasev's page about the Arahau language (in Russian)

If you have any questions about this alphabet, you can contact Ivan at:

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