Makhuwa (Emakhuwa)

Makhuwa is a Bantu language spoken by about 3.9 million mainly in northern Mozambique, particularly in the Meetto area of Nampula province, and in Niassa and Zambezia provinces. There are also about 13,600 speakers of Makhuwa in Comoros.

Makhuwa is also known as Makua, Macua, Central Makhuwa, Emakhuwa-Makhuwana, Emakua, Makhuwa-Makhuwana, Makhuwwa of Nampula, Makoane or Maquoua. Dialects include Emwaja, Naharra , Enyara, Central Makua, Empamela and Enlai.

There are several closely-related Makhuwa languages spoken in Mozambique: Makhuwa-Marrevone, Makhuwa-Meetto, Makhuwa-Saka and Makhuwa-Shirima. In some sources they are classified as separate languages, while some list them as dialects of one language.

Makhuwa alphabet

Makhuwa alphabet

Information compiled by Marcelo Manschein

Download an alphabet chart for Makhuwa (Excel)

Sample text

6 Moovirikana ni mamwene ale ootakhala, aakhala atthu akina yaawenrye woona ntata na Muluku, nnaamwi awo okathi mukina yaarina makhalelo mamosaru yaarina aya atthu ale akina aromoliwe.


Sample videos in Makhuwa

Information about Makhuwa | Numbers


Information about the Makhuwa language

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