Southern Ndebele (isiNdebele)

Southern Ndebele (isiNdebele) is spoken by about 2 million people in South Africa, where it is one of the official languages. Most of the speakers can be found in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng and North West provinces. About 586,000 people speak Southern Ndebele as a first language, and another 1.4 million speak it as a second language.

Speakers of Ndebele are known as amaNdebele. Between in 1981 a semi-autonomous homeland known as KwaNdebele was established for them in the northeast of South Africa. Before then, their language had been marginalised, and they were discouraged from using it in public. They preferred to use Zulu, which they learnt at school. KwaNdebele became part of Mpumalanga province in 1994.

Southern Ndebele pronunciation

Southern Ndebele pronunciation


Sample text

Abantu bonke bazalwa bekhululekile njalo belingana kumalungelo abo. Balesipho sikanembeza, ngakho bamele baphathane ngomoya otshengisa ubuhlobo lobunye.

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Information about Southern Ndebele

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