Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatar tili / Къырымтатар тили / قىرىم تاتار تىلى)

Crimean Tatar is a member of the Kypchak branch of Turkic languages. It is spoken mainly in Crimea, a disputed region recognised by most countries as part of Ukraine, and administered by Russia since 2014. There are about 228,000 speakers of Crimean Tatar in the Crimea, where it is officially recognised, along with Russian and Ukrainian, and is used in some schools and universities, and in literature and the media.

There are also about 150,000 speakers of Crimean Tatar in central and southern Uzbekistan, mainly in the Navoiy and Samarqand regions, and 100,000 in the Polatli district of Ankara province in central Turkey. Other countries with Crimean Tatars speakers include Kyrgyzstan (38,000), Romania (22,000), and also Moldova, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatar tili, Qırımtatarca) is also known as Crimean (Qırım tili, Qırımca) or Crimean Turkish (Qırım Türkçesi).

Crimean Tatar has been written with the Perso-Arabic script, the Latin alphabet between 1928 and 1938, the Cyrillic alphabet from 1938 to the 1990s, and the Latin alphabet since then, though the Cyrillic alphabet is still used by some people.

Crimean Tatar alphabets

Arabic alphabet for Crimean Tatar

Arabic alphabet for Crimean Tatar

Latin alphabet for Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatar elifbası)

Latin alphabet for Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatar elifbası)

Cyrillic alphabet for Crimean Tatar (Къырымтатар элифбасы)

Cyrillic alphabet for Crimean Tatar (Къырымтатар элифбасы)


Download alphabet charts for Crimean Tatar (Excel)

Sample text in Crimean Tatar

Latin alphabet

Bütün insanlar serbestlik, menlik ve uquqlarda musaviy olıp dünyağa keleler. Olar aqıl vevicdan saibidirler ve biri-birilerinen qardaşçasına munasebette bulunmalıdırlar.


Cyrillic alphabet

Бутун инсанлар сербестлик, менлик ве укъукъларда мусавий олып дунйагъа келелер. Олар акъыл вевиcдан саибидирлер ве бири-бирилеринен къардащасына мунасебетте булунмалыдырлар.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sample video in Crimean Tatar

Information about Crimean Tatar | Numbers | Tower of Babel


Information about the Crimean Tatar languageКрымскотатарский_язык

Crimean Tatar internet library

Crimean Tatar dictionaries

Къырымтатар тилининъ лингвистик корпусы
(Linguistic corpus of Crimean Tatar Language)

Information about the Crimean Tatars

Phrases in Crimean Tatar

ICC - International Committee for Crimea

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