Ormuri (اورموړی)

Ormuri is an Eastern Iranian language spoken mainly in southern Pakistan, and also in eastern Afghanistan, by about 6,430 people. In Pakistan it is spoken by about 6,380 people mainly in the town of Kaniguram (کانی گُرم) in South Waziristan. In Afghanistan there are about 50 speakers of Ormuri in Charkh district of Logar province.

Ormuri is also known as Baraki, Baraks, Bargista, Ormori, Ormui, Ormur, Oormuri, Ormur or Urmuri. There are two dialects: Kanigurami and Logar.

Ormuri is written with the Naskh version of the Arabic alphabet, and there is some literature, a dictionary, grammar and other printed material in the language.

Arabic alphabet for Ormuri

Latin alphabet for Ormuri

Download a chart of the Ormuri alphabet (Excel)

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text

Sample text in Ormuri


Although I don't mind guests coming but her half-hearted coming didn't make me happy. I have matured early and will soon grow old, O! Youth where have you gone, as I don't feel youthful even while I am young.

Source: http://www.khyber.org/publications/016-020/ormuri.shtml

Sample videos in and about Ormuri


Information about Ormuri

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