Salar (Salarcha / Salırça / سالارچا)

Salar is a Turkic language spoken by about 60,000 people in China, mainly in Qinghai and Gansu provinces, and also in Xinjiang. The Salar people arrived in China during the 14th century, and according to Salar legend they came from Samarkand. The Salar language is thought to be related to western Turkic or Oghuz languages and has been heavily influenced by Tibetan and Chinese languages.

Offical Latin alphabet for Salar (Salar pinyin oghush)

The version of the Latin alphabet for Salar is based on Chinese Pinyin and is officially approved by the Chinese authorities.

Offical Latin alphabet for Salar (Salar pinyin oghush)

Most letters have different pronunciations depending on where they appear in a word and/or which letters appear next to them: more information (Word Doc in German)

Arabic alphabet for Salar (اوغۇش سالار)

The Arabic alphabet was traditionally used to write Salar, and is still used and is generally prefer by the Salar.

Arabic alphabet for Salar (اوغۇش سالار)


The names of the letters are in the IPA.

Unofficial Latin alphabet for Salar (Salır latin oğış)

This is a Turkish-based version of the Latin alphabet for Salar which is not popular with Salars.

Latin alphabet for Salar

Information about the Salar alphabets compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Hear how to pronounce Salar:

Sample text in Salar

Ne güzel doğqan yeridiği göl,
Ne uzan gelğen yaşlıx yol,
Tişde men göx asmandan soracı,
Neğe gece yalğuz vardır?
Bir ax quş bulatdan çixci.

Köp beyix şeherler men varmış,
Köp çoñ deryalar mende görmiş,
Bir gün öyüm menden yırax volsa eğer,
Göñlümde başqa yoxdur,
Her vağıt yireğimde yamğur yağır.

From Doğqan yerim (My native land):

Sample videos in Salar


Information about the Salar language

Book of Salar proverbs (in Chinese and Salar)

Salar songs

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