Dari (درى)

Dari is the the variety of Persian spoken in Afghanistan, where it is one of the two official languages, along with Pashto, and is used as a lingua franca among the different language communities. Dari is also used as the medium of instruction in Afghan schools.

About a quarter to a half of the population of Afghanistan speak Dari as a native language, the majority of whom are Tajiks Dari is also spoken by Hazaras and Aymāqs. There are also 2.5 million Dari-speaking Afghans in Pakistan. The total number of Dari speakers is about 12.5 million [source].

Dari is known as دری (Darī), فارسی دری (Fārsī-ye Darī) or Afghan Persian. It is mutually intelligible with Persian (Farsi) of Iran, though there are some differences in pronunciation and grammar.

Dari is written with a version of the Perso-Arabic script.

Dari alphabet and pronunciation (الفباى دري)

Dari alphabet and pronunciation

ح (he) is also known as ی جیمی (ye-jimi), and ﻩ (he) is also known as ی دوچش (ye-docešma)

Dari sample text

Dari sample text (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


Tamām-e afrād-e bašar āzād zāde mīšūnad va az leḥāż-e ḥais̱īyat-o karāmat-o ḥoqūq bā ham barābarānd. hamgī dārā-ye ʿaql-o vejdān hastand va bāyad bā yekdīgar bā rūḥīye ai barādarāne raftār konand.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sample video in Dari

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