Chadian Arabic (تشادية)

Chadian Arabic is a variety of Arabic spoken by about 2 million people around Lake Chad, mainly in Chad, and also in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Niger, Sudan and South Sudan.

There are about 1.6 million speakers of Chadian Arabic in Chad, particularly in central and southern parts of the country, and it is used as a lingua franca by 40-60% of the population of Chad. There are 200,000 speakers of Chadian Arabic in Borno state in the north east of Nigeria, 145,000 in the Far North region of Cameroon, 63,000 in the Central African Republic, and 12,000 in the Diffa region in southeastern Niger. There are also Chadian Arabic speakers in the southwest of Sudan in Kordofan and Dafur, and in the north of South Sudan.

Chadian Arabic is also known as Shuwa (Arabic), Shua (Arabic), Suwa (Arabic), Baggara Arabic, Western Sudanic Arabic or Chad Arabic. It is written with the Arabic alphabet or the Latin alphabet, and is taught in primary schools in Chad.

Chadian Arabic was first documented in 1913 by Henri Carbou, a French colonial adminstrator who wrote a grammar of the Ouaddaï highlands dialect. In 1920, Gordon James Lethem, a British colonial administrator in Nigeria, wrote a grammar of the Borno dialect.

Arabic alphabet for Chadian Arabic

Arabic alphabet for Chadian Arabic

Download an alphabet chart for Chadian Arabic (Excel)

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Information about Chadian Arabic

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