Neo-Mandaic (Mandāyî)

Neo-Mandaic is an Aramaic language spoken by 300-500 people in Iran and among the Mandaean diaspora. It is more conservative than other Neo-Aramaic languages, though has been influenced by Arabic and Persian. It is a modern descendent of Classical Mandaic, the liturgical language of the Mandaean religion in Iran and Iraq. There are two dialects: Ahvāz and Khorramshahr, which are mutually intelligible.

Neo-Mandaic is rarely written, but when it is a version of the classical Mandaic script is used.

Neo-Mandaic alphabet and pronunciation

Neo-Mandaic alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Neo-Mandaic (Excel)

Information about Neo-Mandaic provided by Wolfram Siegel (Word doc, in German)

Sample video in and about Neo-Mandaic


Information about Neo-Mandaic

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