Gilaki (گیلکی)

Gilaki is a northwestern Iranian language spoken in Gīlān Province (استان گیلان) in the northwest of Iran by some three million people. There are three dialects of Gilaki: Western Gilaki, Eastern Gilaki and Galeshi, and it is closely related to Mazanderani.

Gilaki alphabet and pronunciation

Gilaki alphabet and pronunciation

Long vowels [iː] and [uː] are only used in a few words.

Sample text

ايمرۊز, جقلأن, أمأ بآ سرگۊزشت يتأ خآنوآر فقير آشنآ بيم. أ خآنوآر يتأ نمۊنى کۊچيک أز هيزآرأن-هيزآر مردۊم أمئ مملکته.


Imruz, jəqəlan, ama bā sərguzəštə ita xānəvārə fəqir āšənā bim. A xānəvār ita nəmunəyə kucik az hizāran-hizār mərdumə ame məmləkət-ə.

Today children, we shall get to know the story of one poor family. This family is representative of the thousands and thousands of people in our country.


Information about Gilaki compiled by Wolfram Siegel and Michael Peter Füstumum

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Information about Gilakiگيلکي

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