Hazaragi (آزرگی)

Hazaragi is a variety of Person spoken mainly in the Hazarajat (هزاره جات), a region in central Afghanistan. There also some Hazaragi speakers in Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the Americas, Europe and Australia. In 2014 there were about 8.9 million speakers of Hazaragi.

Hazaragi is classified by some linguists as an eastern dialect of Persian, and by others as a separate language. It is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Dari. Unlike Dari, Hazaragi has many loanwords from Mongolian.

Hazaragi alphabet and pronunciation

Hazaragi alphabet and pronunciation


ث, ح, ذ, ص, ض, ط, ظ and ع are only used in Arabic loanwords.

Latin alphabet for Hazaragi

Hazaragi Latin alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Hazaragi (Excel)

Sample text

دَش رَفتُم پلِشِ سب نبد, نم شِیو بد. ىك مجك ِستدُم, اُ مهقچرَك دَر جیو بد. نگه بِیدَر شادَك پِر جسر مدَر اَﻭ.


Doš raftum pališi sob nabud, nim šew bud. Yak maxak istadum, u mahqacarak dar xew bud. Nagah bedar šodak pir xosur madar aw.


Last night I went to her side, it was not morning then, but the middle of the night. I took a little kiss, and the moon-browed one was asleep. Suddenly awoke her old mother-in-law.

Information about the Hazaragi alphabet and the sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Hazagari


Information about Hazaragi

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