Domari (Dômarî / דּוֺמָרִי / دٛومَرِي)

Domari is an Western Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Dom people in Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Sudan, and in neighboring countries. In 2012 there were 4 million speakers of Domari, which is also known as Middle Eastern Romani, Tsigene, Luti or Mehtar.

Dialects of Domari include Nawari, Kurbati, Helebi, Halab, Karachi, Marashi, Barake, Churi-Wali and Narikurava. Domari is closely related to Romani, Punjabi and Rajasthani.

Domari has not had any standard written form. It is sometimes written with Arabic, Hebrew or Latin alphabets.

Latin alphabet for Domari

Latin alphabet for Domari


Hebrew alphabet for Domari

Hebrew alphabet for Domari

Arabic alphabet for Domari

Arabic alphabet for Domari

Details of Domari alphabet provided by Robert Lloyd Wheelock

Download an alphabet chart for Domari (Excel)

Sample text

Minden Haleman u raw-erden u garen u-desas-ta. Gara mawmom waŝliman. Nanden wis daway qlaranki u kunden-sa e-desas-ma. Besawi hromi ĵurak min o-desas-ki. Garen Till-uyarta, laherden Domeni, marde amin-kara di bakra u keren u piren. Aren min hnona, rawrden, garen Ĉuyak-desas-ta. Zarak parda bay-im u nasra minẑ-is. Rasrom-us pandas-ma, ferom-is dfangak u dirdom bitas u moldom-is. Laherdom ĵuri pandasma, ferom-is lawrie-ma, bagerdom siri-us.


We set off ourselves and travelled and went to that place. My uncle went with me. We bought (took) twenty camels from the Beduin and sold them in that place. I got married [to] a woman from that place. We went to Jerusalem, we found Dom. They killed for us two sheep and we ate and we drank. We came from there, we travelled, we went to Egypt.


Sample video in Domari

Information about Domari | Numbers in Domari


Information about the Domari language and alphabets

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Languages written with the Latin, and Arabic scripts

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