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Qashqai (Qaşqay dili / قشقاى ديلى)

Qashqai is a member of the Western Oghuz branch of the Turkic language family spoken by about 1.5 million people mainly in the Fars region of Iran. The Qashqai people also live in the provinces of Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari, Bushehr and southern Isfahan. Qashqai is considered a dialect of Azerbaijani by some linguists, and a separate language closely related to Azerbaijani by others.

Qashqai can be written with a version of the Perso-Arabic script, though rarely is.

Qashqai alphabet and pronunciation

Qashqai alphabet and pronunciation


Qashqai Latin alphabet

This version of the Latin alphabet is used to write Qashqai on some blogs.

Qashqai Latin alphabet

Download charts for Qashqai in PDF or Excel format.

Information compiled by Wolfram Siegel and Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Qashqai


Information about Qashqai

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