Khalaj (خلج دێلێ)

Khalaj is a Southern Turkic language spoken in northern Iran by about 42,000 people, mainly in Markazi Province. It is also known as Chaladsch or Turkic Khalaj.

Khalaj is closely related to Azerbaijani, and was originally classified as an Azerbaijani dialect. It is now considered a separate language. Khalaj has borrowed some words from Azerbaijani, and many more from Persian.

Khalaj is mainly an oral language and is rarely written. Ways to write it with the Arabic and Latin alphabets, based on Azerbaijani orthography, were developed by Ali Asgar Cemrâsî in the early 21st century.

Latin alphabet for Khalaj

Latin alphabet for Khalaj

Arabic alphabet for Khalaj

Arabic alphabet for Khalaj

Download an alphabet chart for Khalaj (Excel)

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample text in the Latin alphabet

Bî kinî mollâ nasrəddînîn oğlu vâr-arti. Haüdı ki "Əy bâba, mən kişi şəyyorum." Haüdı ki "Bâba bizüm bî sığırımüz vâr, yetip bo sığırı sâtı. Nağd şəyi pûlîn, yək biz sə̃ kişi alduq!"

Sample text in the Arabic alphabet

بێ کىنێ موْللا ناسرددێنێن اوْغلو وار-ارتى. هاۆدؽ کى "اى بابا, من کىشى شىىوْروم." هاۆدؽ کى "بابا بىزۆم بێ سؽغؽرؽمۆز وار, ىئتىپ بوْ سؽغؽرؽ ساتؽ. ناغد شىى پولێن, ىک بىز سه کىشى الدوق!"


Once, Mullah Nasreddin had a son. He said, "Oh Father, I want a wife." He said, "My dear, we have a cow; take this cow and sell it. Come with the proceeds, we will buy you a wife!"

Sample videos in Khalaj


Information about Khalaj

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