Romanian Tatar (Tatarşa / Tatar tílí)

Romanian Tatar is a member of the Kipchak-Nogai branch of the Turkic languages. It is spoken by about 70,000 people, mainly in the Dobrogea region in southeastern Romania, and also in Bulgaria, Turkey, Moldova and Ukraine. It has borrowed many words from Romanian, and some from Turkish.

Romanian Tatar is also known as Dobrujan Tatar, Danube Tatar, Budjak Tatar or Tatar. It has three dialects: the Şól dialect (Şól tílí), the Nogay dialect (Nogay tílí) and the Yalîbolu dialect (Yalîbolu tílí). They differ mainly in pronunciation, and to some extent in vocabulary. The Şól dialect is spoken by about 70% of Romanian Tatars, mainly in Constanța County in the Dobruja Region in the southeast of Romania. The Nogay dialect is spoken by about 20% of Romanian Tatars in Northern Dobruja in southeastern Romania. The Yalîbolu dialect is spoken around the city of Dobrich (Добрич / Bazargic / Hacıoğlu Pazarcık) in Dobrich Province in northeastern Bulgaria.

Romanian Tatar is written with the Latin alphabet. An orthography was developed in 1956 by the Institute of Linguistics of the Romanian Academy. A new orthography was developed in 2010, although it is not officially recognised or accepted in Romania yet. There is some written material in the language, including magazines, novels, dictionaries, school textbooks, science books, and books of poems. There are some programmes about the language on Romanian television.

Romanian Tatar has been offered as a subject in some Romanian schools since 2020. It is recognised as a minority language in Romania.

Taner Murat, a Romanian Tatar writer, poet and translator, has published work in Romanian Tatar in the Cyrillic alphabet, the Arabic script and the Old Turkic script, as well as in the Latin alphabet.

Romanian Tatar alphabet (Tatar tílín elipbesí)

Romanian Tatar alphabet (Tatar tílín elipbesí)


Romanian Tatar Cyrillic alphabet (Татар тілін элипбэсі)

Romanian Tatar Cyrillic alphabet (Татар тілін элипбэсі)

Download alphabet charts for Romanian Tatar (Excel)

Sample text (Latin)

Bútún insanlar hak, serbestlík we hukuk bolarak bír tuwalar. Olar akîl we wiğdan sahibí bolalar we bír-bírleríne kardaşlîk zihiniyetínen dawranmalarî kerekír.

Sample text (Cyrillic)

Бүтүн инсанлар хак, сэрбэстлік ўэ хукук боларак бір туўалар. Олар акыл ўэ ўиҗдан сахибі болалар ўэ бір-бірлэрінэ кардашлык зихинийэтінэн даўранмалары кэрэкір.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Sample videos in and about Romanian Tatar

Information about Romanian Tatar | Phrases | Numbers


Information about Romanian Tatarătară_românăänisch-tatarische_Sprache

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