Torwali (توروالى)

Torwali is a member of the Dardic branch of the Indo-Aryan language family. It is spoken mainly in Kohstan and Swat districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan, and also in other parts of Pakistan. In 2001 there were 80,000 speakers of Torwali, which is also known as Torwalak, Torwali Kohistani or Turvali.

An orthography for Torwali was developed betweeen 2005 and 2007. Before then, Torwali was not written. Textbooks and other learning materials were published, and the language is taught some primary school for the first two years. Efforts are also being made to teach adults to read their language, and to promote Torwali culture.

Torwali alphabet

Torwali alphabet

ݨ, ق ,ف ,ع ,ظ ,ط ,ض ,ص ,ز ,ذ ,ځ ,ح and ث are only used in Urdu, Pashto, Persian and Arabic loanwords and foreign names.

Download an alphabet chart for Torwali (Excel)

Sample text in Torwali (دےو)

چیلس مے اے گم تھو. تیسی نم تھورنالا تھو. تھےت اے ڇھی چھی. تی مے قیسا تونو اں دے کیجی. ے دےو تی زےد مایان ھوشو. ا ڇھی یا زاون اشی دا ھے و نو.

Transliteration (Deo)

Čilas me e gam thu. Tisi nam Thornala thu. Thet e ĉhi čhi. Ti me qisa tunu ä̃ de kiji. E deo ti zed məyən hušu. Ä ĉhi yə zəwan äši da he u anu.

Translation (The Giant)

There is a village in Chilas. Its name is Thornala. There is a woman. She has told this story with her own mouth. A giant had loved her. When this woman was young, she used to go to the spring for bringing water.

Details of the Torwali alphabet and sample text provided by Michael Peter F¨stumum

Sample videos in Torwali

Information about Torwali | Numbers


Information about Torwaliتروالية

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