Gawri (ګاوری)

Gawri is a Dardic language spoken by about 100,000 people in the northwest of Pakistan. In particular, it is spoken in the Swat Kohistan region of the upper Swat District, and in the upper Panjkora river valley of the Upper Dir districts in the Malakand Division of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The language is spoken mainly by people over 30 or 40 years old, while children speak Pashto.

Gawri is also known as Kalami (کالامي), Garwi, Kohistani or Bashkarik. It is closely related to Kalkoti, Torwali, Indus Kohistani, and several other languages spoken in the same area.

Gawri is written with the Perso-Arabic script using an orthography devised by the Gawri spelling committee in 1995. It has been used as a language of instruction in some schools since 2008.

Gawri alphabet

Gawri alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Gawri (Excel)
Details of the Gawri alphabet provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text in Gawri (دےو)

گاؤری کمیونیٹی ڈیویلپمنٹ پروگرام حکومت ما منظور کٞریل اٞ تنظیم تھی۔ اساٞں مقصد پاٞنساں گٞھٹوگ تے سیاسی مقصد حاصل کٞروگ نات۔ اِیں تنظیمہ گاؤری جِب مئی باٞر کتاٞب اِتھائے چاپ کِیت تے دی تحقیق پا جاری تھی۔



The Gawri Community Development Programme (GCDP) is a local non-profit, non-political, officially registered organization working for community development in the Gawri-speaking areas through the implementation of education and health projects, as well as through the promotion, preservation, and documentation of the Gawri community's rich linguistic and cultural heritage.


Sample video in Gawri


Information about Gawri

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