Juhuri (çuhuri / жугьури / ז'אוּהאוּראִ)

Juhuri is a Southwest Iranian language originally spoken by Jews in the eastern Caucasus Mountains. It now mainly spoken in Israel, and in Azerbaijan, Dagestan in Russian, and the USA. It is also known as Juwuri or Judeo-Tat, and has about 100,000 speakers.

Juhuri is closely related to Tat, a language spoken by the Muslim Tats of Azerbaijan, and quite closely related to Persian. Juhuri contains numerous loanwords from Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic.

The first books in Juhuri were printed in a version of the Hebrew script similar to Rashi and were published in 1908 and 1909. From 1929 to 1939 a version of the Latin alphabet was used to write Juhuri, and since then the Cyrillic alphabet has been used. In recent years the Hebrew script was started to become popular once again for writing Juhuri.

Juhuri alphabets and pronunciation

Hebrew alphabet for Juhuri

Hebrew alphabet for Juhuri

Latin alphabet for Juhuri

Latin alphabet for Juhuri

Cyrillic alphabet for Juhuri

Cyrillic alphabet for Juhuri

Download an alphabet chart for Juhuri (Excel)

Sample video in Juhuri

Information about Juhuri | Numbers | Proverbs


Information about Juhuri

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