Akkala Sámi (Аһккэла саамь киилл)

Akkala Sámi is an Eastern Sámi language that was spoken in the villages of A´kkel, Ču´kksuâl and Sââ´rvesjäu´rr on the Kola Peninsula, which is part of the Murmansk Oblast in the northwest of Russia. The last fluent native speaker of Akkala Sámi, Maria Sergina, died in 2003, and the language was classified as extinct by UNESCO in 2010. However, there are still a few elderly people with some knowledge of the language. Most Akkala Sámi people live in the village of Yona (Ёна) in the Kovdorsky District of the Murmansk Oblast.

Akkala Sámi was formerly considered to be a dialect of Kildin Sámi, and is now classified as a separate language. It is closely related to Skolt Sámi, and is written with the Cyrillic alphabet.

Akkala Sámi alphabet (Аһккэла саамь алфавииһт)

Akkala Sámi alphabet (Аһккэла саамь алфавииһт)

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Sample text

Туйй эйй вӯррьт, куэссь мыйй пугк нагкрэть луэппьтэпҍ Ва̄нӓ са̄ррн - е̄намп куллтэл. Е̄лльлев гӯ пӣӈӈк ва̄реӈҍк мэ̄ннэв Нагерь огкнэесьт эйй пэ̄л

Source: https://saami.su/biblioteka/6-saamskij-yazyk/357-babinskij-dialekt-saamskogo-yazyka.html

Sample text provided by Jin Wei Hii


Information about Akkala Sámi

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