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Hinukh (гьинузас мец)

Hinukh is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken about 200 to 500 people in the Tsunta district of southwest Dagestan in the Russian Federation. The majority of Hinukh speakers live in the village of Genukh (ГЬино).

Hinukh, which is also known as Hinux, Ginukh or Ginux, is closely related to Tsez and used to be thought of as a dialect of Tsez, though the two languages are not mutually intelligible.

Hinukh people generally write in Avar or Russian and there is no standard written form of Hinukh. Until the 1920s Hinukh was sometimes written with a version of the Arabic alphabet, and since the 1930s a version of the Cyrillic alphabet has been used.

Hinukh alphabet and pronunciation

Hinukh alphabet and pronunciation

Information about Hinukh prounciation compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Information about Hinukh | Numbers in Hinukh


Information about the Hinukh language and people

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