Andi (къIaваннаб мицци)

Andi is member of the Avar-Andic branch of the Northeast Caucasian language family. It is spoken in the Botlikhsky district of the republic of Dagestan in the Russian Federation. In 2010 there were about 5,800 speakers of Andi, which is also known as Andii, Andiy, Khivannal, Qandisel or Qwannab.

The Andis (khivannal) live mainly in nine villages: Andi, Gunha, Gagatl, Rikvani, Chakhno, Zilo, Munib and Kvanhidatl, in the mountains of northwestern Dagestan.

Andi is rarely written and Andi speakers generally write in Avar or Russian. Two issues of a newspaper in Andi were published in the 1990s, and the first book in Andi, a translation of the Gospel of Luke, was published in 2015. A primer in Andi was published in 2018 using the alphabet below.

Andi alphabet and pronunciation

Andi alphabet and pronunciation

Information provided by Wolfram Siegel

Download an alphabet chart for Andi (Excel)

Sample text

Иса Авараги игьир

  1. Гьигирул зубодахъи РумлӀи къайсар Августишуб амру биг̄ьоду эншуб ихтярукьиси улкалчӀу гьину ибгьибг̄ьаси гьекӀашуб хъвари-кӀинир игьогьоду.
  2. Гьигиб хъвари-кӀин̄ирло бикӀод̄у Шам улкаллӀи Квириний ханшуб заманал̄а леседуба игьирси.
  3. Къайсаршуб амрул̄а рокъиду эн̄убгу хъвари-кӀин̄ир игьол̄у адам живол вожумул эн̄енубул шагьардало вашиду вукӀудя вокӀоду.

Source: Иса Авараги игьир. The Birth of Jesus Christ in Andi language. Moscow 2000.

Supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl

Translation (Luke 2:1-3)

  1. In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be enrolled.
  2. This was the first enrollment, when Quirinius was governor of Syria.
  3. So all went to be enrolled, each to his own town.

Translation supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Andi


Information about Andi language and peopleАндийский_язык

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