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Slovio / Словио

Slovio is a simplified Slavonic language devised by Mark Hucko (info@slovio.com) intended as an international auxiliary language comprehensible to speakers of all Slavonic languages, who number about 400 million.

Notable features

Slovio alphabet & pronunciation

Slovio alphabet & pronunciation

Sample text in Slovio (Latin alphabet)

Gvorijt muzx: Moi udragju zolotju zxen, moi prekrasju mlodica, celoju nocx i celoju den mislim tolk o te. Celoju nocx imam sonis o te, i celoju den imam videnies o tvoi prekrasju ocxis, vlosis, rukis i telo.

Sample text in Slovio (Cyrillic alphabet)

Гворийт муж: Мои удрагйу золотйу жен, мои прекрасйу млодица, целойу ноч и целойу ден мислим толк о те. Целойу ноч имам сонис о те, и целойу ден имам видениес о твои прекрасйу очис, рукис и тело.

Other languages written with the Latin alphabet
Other languages written with the Cyrillic alphabet


An introduction to Slovio in a number of different languages

Online conversion of Slovio texts into the Cyrillic alphabet

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