Novial is an international auxiliary language created by Otto Jespersen, a Danish linguist. Jespersen recogised a need for an international auxiliary language, and thought that there were many problems with Esperanto. With Novial he tried to cure those problems.

He first published details of Novial in 1928 in his book, An International Language. In 1930 he published a Novial dictionary, Novial Lexike, which contained some changes to the language. Further modifcations were proposed during the 1930s. After Jespersen's death in 1943, Novial became dormant, but during the 1990s there was a revival of interest in the language.

Novial was designed to be easy to learn, with vocabulary taken mainly from Germanic and Romance languages, and grammar based mainly on English.

Novial alphabet and pronunciation

Novial alphabet and pronunciation


Sample text in Novial (The Lord's Prayer)

Nusen Patro kel es in siele,
mey vun nome bli sanktifika,
mey vun regno veni,
mey vun volio eventa sur tere kom in siele.
Dona a nus disidi li omnidiali pane,
e pardona a nus nusen ofensos
kom anke nus pardona a nusen ofensantes,
e non dukte nus en li tento
ma fika nus liberi fro li malum.

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