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Pirahã (híaitíihí)

Pirahã is thought to be the last surviving member of the Mura language family. It is spoken by about 360 people (in 2000), who live along the Maici river, a tributary of the Amazon in Amazonas State of Brazil. It is also known as Mura, Múra-Pirahã or Pirahán.

Pirahã has one of the smallest inventories of phonemes of any living language. There are differences in the way men and women pronounce some of the phonemes. There are only two numerals, "one" and "two"; no colours, other than "light" and "dark", and there's a word that means both mother and father. As well as being spoken, the language can also be whistled or hummed.

Pirahã pronunciation

Pirahã pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Pirahã (Excel)

Sample text

Tíobáhai hi báaiso kohoaihíaisóogabagaí. Tí ‘ísi báaiso ‘ogabagai, gíiai ‘ogihíaihiaba. Tíobáhai hi ‘ísi báaiso ‘oaboihaí. ‘Ahoakohoaihio ‘ísi kaopápihaí.

Sample video in Pirahã


Information about the Pirahã languages

Pirahã Dictionary / Dicionário Mura-Pirahã

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